Indoor grow moving outdoors-need some advice

Waddup guys,

I am getting ready to move my plants outside after 6 weeks under a grow light. They are currently in 1-gallon fabric pots and I plan to transplant them into 15-gallon Smart Pots in the next few days. I have also purchased a 20x10x7 greenhouse so my plants have plenty of room to grow.

Quick background for my grow: I am growing PuTang, Mr. T, and Bintang Mas plants. I have 8 plants that I will be moving outdoors this week and 4 more seedlings. I am using Coast of Maine Stonington Blend and I live in Massachusetts where the temperatures are just starting to get above 50 degrees at night.

I have a few important questions that I would like to ask the community for some help with before I dive right into this:

  1. Do I need to slowly transition them outside in order to prevent them from flowering? (they are phenos btw) They have been under an 18/6 light cycle, with the light coming on at 6 am.

  2. Can I transplant them into 15-gallon pots and move them outside on the same day? Or would I be risking serious transplant shock?

I have just about maxed out my bootleg indoor growing abilities. It is my first time growing cannabis and I am totally stoked on it. Watching these beautiful little plants explode from seedlings to 16" plants in the last 4 weeks has been nothing but delightful.

Please check out my plants and leave some comments down below–I need all the advice I can get :yum:


Lovey looking girls you have there.
The rest,
No Idea sorry.
@Ladithief might know somthing bout that…

I would just go for it myself. They are weeds after all.
As long as the days are getting longer.
Northern Hemisphere right…


I would transition them outside. Bring them out for a couple days, then transplant them, if they seem happy with the outside conditions.
But, since they are photos, you’ll want to keep an eye on your daylight hours. If your days are longer than 14 hours right now, you’ll be fine. Less than that, you’ll have to supplement light.

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Beautiful plants btw!

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Thank you! I appreciate compliment and the advice!

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Put them out when its good weather and bring them in at night and you will harden them off in about a week …they are strong plants and love growing on a mountain side in Afghanistan.

Good to know. Should I transplant them into my 15-gallon pots now and then go ahead and transition them day by day so they can get used to their new home?

they will be quite heavy if you repot into 15-gallon pots but they look like they need the room.
You will have big muscles but lift carefully so as not to shock the gals and pull any muscles.
Are you going to use Perlite in the bottom of the 15-gallon pots for drainage ?
I am in western Wales and I have the same weather as you + wind from hell !

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You’re right about the weight factor… I would have to carry those 15-gal pots up and down a flight of stairs so that might get a little annoying.

I will not be using Perlite, for I purchased Smart Pots which are fabric pots that claim to have excellent drainage.

here is what I do, I grow my plants under lights from Jan01 ish to when the snow is gone and no risk of heavy frost. Like you the plants were on 18/6 and unless you live in southern Mexico chances are you arent getting 18 hours of sunlight? Fortunately its not the amount of sunlight tgat triggers weed, its the amount of darkness. As we all know a day consists of darkness followed by dawn, then day then dusk then darkness again. Its the dawn and dusk that save our bacon! What works for me is to lose 2 hours of light and gain 2 hours of darkness over a period of a month. However, Im sure a couple weeks will work too? Week one switch to 17/7 and week 2 switch to 16/8. This should supply enough darkness to keep them in veg and take advantage of dawn and dusk light which is not darkness. Here are my plants after doing this.


the last shot is a true sativa, they are supposed to look like that.
No sign of flowering, and hopefully there wont be until August! :laughing:

I use fabric pots with a bottom layer of Perlite for drainage as well as mixing perlite into the soil for aeration…keep your smart pots a few inches off the ground for the same reason…you will prevail !

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Thank you for the knowledge drop. I am not sure that I have the patience to do that lol. I wanna get these girls into bigger pots as soon as possible. Luckily the days are still getting longer here in Mass so that might work to my advantage

You will find that if you dont time it just so, that yhe plants will go from veg to flower, then stop growing for a while and start the vegging process again. It will delay the plant in bulking up quite a bit. You will still get bud in the end though. The time it takes to adjust the plants for darkness is about the same as the time to convert tge plant back to veg. The main difference is the bulk will be a lot higher on the adjusted plant.

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What you want is this right?


as I said before its not the days its the nights. The trick is to close the gap so that lights out closely resembles outside dark times given that there is dawn and dusk. So it seems that 16/8 seems to be the magic number.

hahaha you right! that would be electric! Your plants sure look magnificent btw :star_struck:

I will try to be as patient as I can, but I am running out of room in my little indoor grow setup. I will leave them in their 1-gallon pots for another week and reduce my light cycle to 17/7 today. I might even try to further reduce that light cycle to 16/8 by Wednesday the 27th. Do you think that is a good idea?

maybe too fast? Take this time to prune for shape, maybe take a clone or two? Prepare your pots and soil and the place they will grow. As you can see my sativas had to be beheaded against my wishes but they overtook my room. The Afghans didnt need a pruning. So my sativas started out in the greenhouse at 4 feet and are now over 5 feet after 2 weeks. The Afghans have put on about 6 inches and are now growing an inch per day. So if it was me Id want to avoid the pre bud scenario because of setback. If you do it right your plants wont even notice.
If thats the best you can do, its better than not doing anything. Let me know if it works for you!

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I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me. As I scanned the forum I saw plenty of people who had trouble with flowering too early when they moved their plants outdoors, so thank you for saving me from that dreadful fate.

I will give them two more weeks in their current homes.
Lowering the light cycle to 17/7 today and then to 16/6 a week from today.


Could you give me some advice on pruning? Currently I’m just letting these girls go crazy