Indoor grow moving indoors to out good or bad for new plants


I was wondering if it is a bad idea to move indoor plants to the outdoors and then moving back indoor to finish light cycle?


just be aware of pest hitching a ride into your grow…lol
it happened to me…


if I do find hitch hikers is there a solution for that? None so far but curious


I’ve just done exactly what your asking about, my temps outside dropped quite a bit and decided to move them back inside. Well now I’ve got aphids and fungus flies. 10 parts water; 1 part 91% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle spray most of the bugs off and then watch very close for them to try and come back spray again if needed and make sure you’ve got a fan blowing them around. Most bugs can’t reproduce if you’ve got a substantial amount of air flow on the plants.


I take my plants outside daily, weather permitting. Pests are a real concern for sure.

I use peroxide and water for everything but caterpillars and for that I use spinosad or BK.


I hate to bug (pun intended) when you take your plants outside do you put them in full sun or is a shaded area better? My concern is the full sun might burn the new plants or cause other issues.

Thanks for the input I do really appreciate it.


Thank you for the input I do appreciate it.


The amount of direct sunlight depends on a number of factors: the size of the plant, the intensity of your local sunlight, ambient humidity etc. I put mine out and keep them in direct sunlight unless the temps go much above about 80. Then they get shade.


So the sweet spot is 70 to 80 degrees. Thanks Im a SOCAL resident too and with the early temp changes I was curious. Don’t want to risk burning the girls.



I’m up by Vandenberg Air Force Base and only 6 miles from the ocean so we experience pretty mild conditions most of the time. I love the free sunlight and they do too. Tag me if you have any questions. Use the @ sign in front of their names.

There are a number of West Coast growers here from Alaska to San Diego.


Im a little bit more inland about 70 miles from the ocean Redlands CA gets pretty hot here at times. Not to sure how to navigate this site yet but Im working on it. Not really sure about tagging anyone yet. I would assume @Myfriendis410 is correct@


You got it. You are in a warmer climate and may have to take precautions in the summer to keep the heat down. But you have low humidity which is a GOOD thing in flower.


Same here just make sure they don’t get to hot for to long and they’ll be fine