Indoor grow kit

Whats a good indoor soil grow kit for 3 or 4 ladies.


I recommend keep in mind when buying a kit light being the most important piece of equipment for indoor grow. Fox farm has a good cannabis friendly soil (Happy frog or ocean forest) . :v:

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Good morning :smiley: you want to make sure that the kit you buy has everything you really want if you plan to do this long term. The light and inline fan are very important. You will want at least a 4X4 tent for 4 plants. You also want to get one tall enough for the stretch. When you look at the lights be sure it has the coverage for flower for the size of your tent. :blush::v: It can seem overwhelming. Happy Growing


When u say grow kit are you talking about a tent kit or a pot system kit .if your talking about tent kits then i would have to say AC Infinity tent kits are really good but u pay a little bit more but its high quality gear the lights and fans and in inline fan all connect up to there controllers it lets u adjust and monitor the temp and humidity and fan speed and dimming of the light or you can get a marshydro tent system another good quality tent and gear or spider farmer have some great tents and lights and fans kits


AC Infinity Cloudline controler (67 or 69) with T-6 fans (exhaust first then intake). Your intended grow space needs examination. Height, temperature, where is intake, exhaust (cool and smell) are factors for consideration. Most importantly electricity, safe electrical circuitry load factors must be considered.
Legality may influence design, as well. Happy growing. @Sammys just started a thread, you may be interested in reading.

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I have both AC-Infinity T6 fans and Vivosun. I can’t stand the noise created by the Visosun. 35 years of jet noise (the sound of freedom) and I prefer to smoke in quiet. Vivosun Kept as spare should the AC
Infinities fail.

Ive got vivosun inline its starting to make noises ive got a Ac infinity inline coming

You will be happy with the AC-Infinity. Videos available for explaining engineering, efficiency, and cost analysis. Good advertising. FYI S6/T6 (CLT6) fans on speed setting 2 of 10 is enough CFM for complete 4x4 x6.5 air exchange in one minute.

Hell, mine made noise when turned on.
Kicking tires and lighting fires comes to mind.

Thank you all for some great intel.