Indoor Grow Journal. First Grow Ever


I went all out and got a huge tent. Started with 6 seeds on 4/5/18. Using twin full spectrum 600w LEDs. All seeds germinated, and began to sprout, but ones leaves were disformed compared to the others. Wish I would have taken pictures of that. So here’s my set up. Critique away please!!!

Those were germinated at the same time. Their root system was intense.
The larger one is yellow leaf, and the smaller GDP.

I have a total of 4 600w LEDs, but I’m only running the 2 for now. Suggestions, comments, concerns? Don’t hold back!


when you get a chance to get some fabric pots,do so…lol
you will like there a fan in the bottom of tent?
they look great so far @VoodooKing


@BIGE That big fan is a 8" 735cfm. The intake is along the bottom of the tent and its screened. Gets all the leaves moving well. Also I have it on a 20/4 hr cycle. I will absolutely get the fabric pots. Any brand suggestions? Should I put a floor fan in as well?
I am also using the bug, root, nutrient products from ILGM. The bug and root now, but holding back on the other until a little more time. They are only 17 days old. :smile: my little babies :smile:


Looks great what nutes are you using? And what’s the temps in the tent? You’ll have your hands full with 6 plants, you plan topping or scrogging? Can’t say much though your setup looks good bro! Wouldn’t run that filter until you start smelling them makes it last for more grows.



This is my first grow. I’ll set up a thermostat in there. I can comfortably sit in the all day with them… I will be topping.
So I’ll cut the big fan off and set up a floor fan. What temps should I shoot for? I have a portable A/C I can set up in there too if needed. Hot already outside down south where I’m at! Thanks for the advice and compliments!!!
Also pH of the water going in is @ 6 - 6.1, is that ok lol?


Nice setup, but your Ph is a little low. It should be between 6.3 to 6.8, so get it up before you see problems.


I’m not to sure on ph levels I’m still getting adjusted to all that my self, someone more experienced will chime in on that. I can tell you for right now that ph isn’t going to hurt them in any way. My temps in the day time are about 82F and 72F at night with humidity staying in between 30 and 55. That’s just what my strain likes right now do a little research on what each individual strain likes (example: Mediterranean; dessert like) highly recommend ilgm nutes worked for me in the past.


Ordered 10 / 10gallon fabric pots with trays. I’ll post again when I get them and do the transplant! Thanks for all the info everyone!!!


pH issues are definitely detrimental to plants!

@VoodooKing. Definitely dial in your pH.


@blackthumbbetty I will! Thanks!!


Here they all are for now. In 3 gallon plastic (I know go fabric :smile: ) all of these were germinated at the same time. Any idea why some are big others staid small?Uploading…


Man nice set up ten gold stars :sparkles:!!!


Thank you @Caosred !!!


You will come to love a tent that size!!


@TDubWilly I already love it! So much room! I have shelving in the for all my nutes and sprey bottles. I can sit and chill with my buddies lol. Even my assistant budsmen can sit in there at the same time lol. We chill and drink beers in there sometimes lmao. I don’t have a co2 gen yet (still in the mail), so we hang out and provide it for the young ones!


So I found these white spots. They are only on the young leaves. I can not find any mites, or insects pests. This plant is barely over 2 weeks old. None of the others have it. I sprayed a bug mix and mold mix on it from ILGM. Hope it helps. Any ideas? It’s just a little too uniform for me to say spidermites… idk. I little worried here.



Sorry bro but i cant see anything from them pics


The leaves are too wet to really see anything, sorry.


I’m gonna take a long shot, I agree with the others can’t see much other than water. You should check under the leaves for the same white spots and if you see a dark spot stay patient and watch it for it to move or mess with it to get it to move. If not that then you’d have to let your plant dry off from the foliar spray and snap a pic in regular light.


I’m thinking spider mites, I’m going through the same thing. Just don’t have the white spots, so maybe it’s not them But it’s better to check for them before webs start appearing.