Indoor grow intrest

How much power would a grow tent use 4 a 2 plant setup. Can ne body help

It actually depends on what kind of lighting your going to use

Well not sure. Don’t know much about the indoor grow. I would be after something that works n doesn’t chew power. Suggestions welcome

Led lights save other accessories ? But you have to determine on what you can afford ? I bought a 24x24x54 tent setup with dwc bucket , led light , air pump , and the techna-flora recipe for success nutrient package for $500 . The light was okay , but as a beginner I was anxious of seeing quick results which by no means comes when growing . It requires patience and lots of it . So being that I was anxious I thought it could be the lights that was causing the slow growth . Need to say , the light would have worked , but not in record time . I research YouTube and discovered the Kind led light , the California solar storm led light , black dog , and Advance LED lighting , did a comparison from research studies , and bought the new series XTE 350 dimmeable control 5 watt Cree LED light , and I could not have made a better choice . It by far has out done the competition easily . It’s pricy , but for quality and quantity it will cost somewhere . The blue spectrum for vegging is awesome during veg for very vigorous leaf growth . Have not got to flowering yet , which is approaching this week . I’m considering a flush with sledgehammer by fox farm , and than a feed with ILGM nutrients which is totally worth every penny and time consuming wait . The cap of the nutrients is an almost automatic measurement for plants . I had all kind of nutrient issues using hot soil for seedlings , and over watering , and the fox farm nutrient trio , which some people have many successful grows under belts with the product , but than in between the issues , I waited time enough for soil to dry , and started ILGM grow in the 4 week and I could be more happy with the results , the plant took off , revived and now I have no room to flower my first stress plant and the four little guys that is approaching they 5 week in the same small tent space . I know I’m long written , but I’m saving concerning questions . The advance led light is a very well built product with a phenomenal warranty , and it out due any other light 14.71 par to average of 9.71 par . At first my height was way off , until I watch ice mud on YouTube and finally found the sweet spot , and it’s definitely giving me hope after 3 weeks of bad migraines and frustration because this is a damn weed and should not be that complicated to grow . My suggestions ? Get advance light or any equivalent , Roberts 2 best strains of auto’s with highest thc and put seed in the pot it will finish in and watch the magic happen every day , you cannot get it more easily trust me . But if you decide to battle through a moderate strain , less is more when it comes to nutrients unless the plant say so , and learn to listen to what the leaves say about what’s need under the soil or in the hydro reservoir , and fight through the learning curve of not knowing . Latewood , Macgyver Stoner are very good at responding and helping through a support ticket if you have issues , and a few more guys that floats on the ILGM forums who know what they doing or have some experience . Good luck , and choose wisely on accessories , because the worst thing to me is to budget to start , and not have what you need in the middle of growing , pay it forward and buy it once so the grow can pay for itself . If you go to my thread …"having issues like most beginners you will see the stress and the achievement from the ILGM family of growers and the much needed love my plants was begging for as I did not know what I didn’t know , "Still learning " , but have better hopes . Be careful of choosing lights that have no details of testing from China is what I was told . Last but not lest the advance led light finished to harvest 2 weeks ahead of all the competitors .

I think my light draws 22 kilo watts , which is less than a refrigerator ?

A 1000 watt HID lamp draws about 500watts; Similar to a large PC. I run lamps from 200watt to 1000 watt, and the results far outweigh the small jump[ in my electric bill. :slight_smile: