Indoor grow, had power cut so lights were off for 27 hours

From a fellow grower:

I cycle my lights on at 6 am- 12 midnight and then off from midnight -6 am. Recently my power went off at 9 am until 12 noon the next day meaning that my plants were in the dark for 27 straight hours. How will this affect my plants

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I would think that it shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s a one time occurrence. Just put them back on their schedule and keep an eye on them.


i’ll second that!!


Don’t think it will change much. Get back to regular schedule and keep an eye on them.

I was wondering the same thing. We’ve had 3 outages in the past 4 days lasting from 3 to 5 hours each. One of those days the temperature dropped to 66 which isn’t bad. I’m no too worried though as nature fluctuates naturally.

Considering you can put a plant under 12/12 for a couple of weeks to determine it’s gender and then switch it back to a veg light cycle, I don’t think it will be a big issue.

I had this exact thing happen to me last year… only for two days while I was out of town. The plants got bright yellow from the inside of the leaves out… after a couple days under light again (and with air running in the buckets) they recovered just fine.

I sorta had the same thing happen to me. Only I had my plants in flower mode for about 4 weeks now and on a 12/12 cycle but had friends come over while the lights were off so I turned them on to show them but forgot to put it back to my timer so the have been on for 2 days. Will this effect anything? They are back on normal cycle but one plant doesn’t look to happy and looks like the hairs are changing to amber now a lot more. Any comment would help. Thanks in advance.

The hairs on my flowers have been turning brown right from the start but it’s my first grow so I just think they do that