Indoor grow GG beans

Does anyone have any pictures of Gorilla glue autos they wouldn’t mind sharing. Trying to find the best beans for me to grow

Here is a search for GG Autos.
Truthfully, they all pretty much look alike. Not just GG, but almost all strains.

This is a fun thread to see pictures.

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Spiney no indica and sativa look totaly different but i was looking for some pictures to get approximate size and what flowers look like

Not as much as we like to think. I’ve had indicas with sativa traits and sativa with indica traits. There are definitely “sativa traits” like long, thin-fingered fan leaves and alternating nodes, while there’s also “Indica traits” like squat plants, paired nodes, and broad, large leaves. I’m not convinced that growth characteristics have as much to do with the end result effects as we’d like to think, either. So many strains are hybrid breeds, any roll of the dice can mean either of the parent strains or grand-parent strains can manifest in those phenotypes of the offspring.


Graison not to sound like a smart ass but I’m a old bastard been growing weed for 40 plus years and i assure you i can tell the difference between the two hybrid or not. I have anxiety really bad and have to steer clear of all sativas. But to get back to what i posted does anyone have pics of GG that they don’t mind sharing

@bowking my profile pic is gg auto also have 1 now a couple weeks in flower, gimme a sec and ill get a pic




Gold mouth thanks for the pics but if that is truly GG you have there then I’ll have to pass on them. Don’t get me wrong your plants are beautiful but will mess with my anxiety bad. I’ll have to stick with my Black indica and evil pineapple strains from BCBD

I just learned something from you i think. I didnt know that sative is alternating nodes. I took clones from my first memberberry plants and found some had this and some didnt.

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