Indoor grow day 48, Help

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: chem dawg

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? pots

System type? 4 ga in grow tent

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? na

What is strength of nutrient mix? miracle grow with chicken manure and 10-10-10


Light system, size? two led sytem, 1000 watt and a white led bulb hanging

Temps; Day, Night 75 f

Humidity; Day, Night 41% humidity

Ventilation system; No, Size- fan running continuous with ventilation exhaust inside grow box

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, na

Co2; Yes, No na

the leaves are yellowing on the edges and some of the leaves are folding back and some are wilting…this is my first indoor grow.

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If you can figure this number of it will go a long way to diagnosing the problem. Have you ever done a run off test before? You water your plants till you get some run off water out of the bottom of the pot. You collect some of it and test it for pH and fertilizer strength.


Could be nute burn from miracle grow soil
You should test runoff. How old is it?


To me you seem way overboard on fertilizer. MG is one I use during veg but the chicken poop, I think, is fairly nitrogen heavy and then the triple 10 on top of that … I like MG myself but many don’t.

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I used MG during vegg my first couple grows, just used less than stated and I had pretty good results with it. But @PhantomFarmer you are probably right, too hot


I have not. I will order a meter tonight and let you know the pH… what range should I be looking for?


48 days old from germination


Yeah just test the ph asap it should be like 6.5 to 6.8 ideally but it will grow between 6.0 and 7.0 and it looks a little small for 48 days. And looked like it was starting to flower


I think Phantom is on to something. I believe I read somewhere on the forum that chicken poop is real hot. Good luck and enjoy your grow.


Yes! Chicken guano is too hot and HAS to be composted or it will burn your plants.


@Goatman, OK your first priority is your Ph meter get your readings off any feeding water going in, and your runoff water coming out, definitely in your case right now that results off your Ph runoff is most important at the moment okay but we can get you through it keep growing :v:

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Id say its a combo hot soil and ph being out of wack
Welcome to the forum @Goatman

@Goatman how are you getting on now did you manage to grab a Ph tester, and I was also thinking if you could get a Micro-Mix it might also help if your Plant is depleted in micro nutes which is your zinc iron copper Boron etc. Hope it works out for you :crossed_fingers:

Looks like root burn from the chicken poop, You can try foliar feeding to help from above the soil line, most common mistake is over watering and over fertilizing, if they were hungry the leaves would be yellowing with everything else and they’re not, the down drooping leaves are sign of toxic levels of nutrients, I would give them just water and spray the leaves with highly soluble nutrients. (life support).

If a plant shows light stress too early in the day it’s trouble in the roots, they should be reaching for the light at least 16 hours a day then getting tired, not shunning the light first thing in the morning.

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This will help you a lot. PH is probably one of the most important aspects of growing cannabis. Knowing and keeping Your PH In check can prevent issues before they arrise.

It might also be worth picking up a TDM meter as well. They are cheap and it is good to know what your ppm of your runoff is as well. It will let you know if you have an abundance of nutrients in your soil. Sometimes nutrients can build up in the soil causing overfeeding.


Hey guys just following up, I tested the pH friday and the water going in was 7.21 and the water coming out of the pot was 7.3 I know thats too alkaline and I have a pH acid/base balancer solutions coming in the mail today. would that be best to lower the pH to the desired level…which is 6.4-6.5 correct? -thanks in advance

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Youll want to use ph down and get the run off in 6.5 range id water waith 6.3 water and test run off stop when it hits 6.5
Then water or feed with adjusted ph to 6.5 which should keep soil ph in that range :+1::+1: @Goatman

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anyone have suggestions on what could possibly be the issue? I flushed three days ago and the day of the flush the leaves were perky but the now the leaves are folded down with curling at the ends. The soil and water was alkaline at 7.2-7.3 and ive been working to lower it. Is it solely a pH problem here? I am using a 55 LED 600W light approx 10 inches above plant.

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How much water did you flush with? Its more than likely a ph problem. You should flush with 3x whatever size gallon pot you in at a ph of proby 6.5 to bring it down. But you should make sure that’s what it is . It kind of looks like a toxicity from that chicken manure after looking at your ticket. Yeah just do what @Countryboyjvd1971 said

@Macadon I was sort of thinking the same thing looks a bit like an N toxicity just an opinion mate :v:

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