Indoor grow, basic questions about dirt , transplanting etc

Should I go directly into 3 or 5 gallons from just germinated, and skip the Solo cups? I"m growing for the first time, it’s an indoor grow, and have some Bruce Banner Auto’s in papertowels for going on 24 hours now.

I see a lot of people pro and con transplanting and I’m curious what input I can get…

I’d like to avoid stress to my plants and am considering Keeping it Simple and trying to go diirectly into the large soil container with my newly germinated seeds / tails.

I’m going into Fox Farm Ocean Forest in 3 gallon bags. 4 seedlings will be makng the switch to either 3 gallons or solo cups. this is suppsed to feed for 4 weeks. THOUGHTS???


Autogrowers that I know often put them in their final pots from the start.

Ocean Forest is pretty hot and it is probably closer to 6 weeks, particularly given a smaller auto. I’m in Happy Frog, which is less hot, and I’m on week 6 of my current grow and PPM just dipped below 1000 yesterday. Your best bet is to monitor runoff PPM and feed accordingly.


thank you. Other part of my question was : is that soil too much for a newly germinated seedling? and if I can show my ignorance, please if you can take a minute to whats PPM and how do I measure that and what does 1000 mean? Thanks again!!

EDIT is 3 or 5 gallons preferable? Obviously less soil cost but does 3 grow a smaller plant? also when you referenced a “smaller auto” thats what I thought about Bruce Banner but another person on here said they get quite large. any thoughts on that? I appreciate your help…

Ocean Forest is pretty hot for auto seedlings and some people do have trouble. I assumed that you had already bought the soil. If you have not yet bought soil, then I would go with something less hot like Happy Frog.

3 to 5 gal bags are fine for an auto.

Autos are generally smaller than photoperiod plants. Some may well get large. Most don’t.

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Thanks I did already buy the soil. I think I will mix 50/50 on the top half of the pot with peat or coconut coir and then full strength on the bottom half of the pot. This is my first grow and a plan is jus starting to come together…

The number one mistake new growers make is overwatering and putting a small plant in a large container is VERY easy to overwater.
I would go solo cup to 1 gal to 3 or 5 gal.


Indicanna_Jones Thank you.

I had read that transplanting an autoflowering plant even once can be detrimental to its growth because it only had a short time to get to the finish line and stressing it can set it back a couple days at least. Do you find that to have any merit? Also, obviously easier and less messy… thanks again!


Oh my bad I must have overlooked the fact that is an auto. You can transplant autos but if your a new grower id advise against it.
Just plant into final container and only give your plant enough water for about 3 days. Don’t soak the medium after planting.


I have tried both, solo and direct to forever, and my advice is go to forever pot! Cover with a lightly misted jar. Seedlings take their water intake from the air, as roots are just beginning to develop. I will also mist the outside of the jar. This will develop a moist circle around your baby. After you remove the dome, only water outside of that ring. Each time move further out from plant. Make those roots look for water.

I use FFOF and FFHF, the bottom 2/3 is FFOF and the Top 1/3 is FFHF. That way by the time the roots reach the FFOF the plant is well establish.

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I’d go for the bigger pot, this will reduce your watering frequency and increase available nutrients. The less you mess with them the better they’ll grow and it’ll be easier for you. :+1:

Hey @gollybillager im NEW like u,in first grow I have autos, and I went with 5 gallon fabric pots I transplanted around 2 weeks from small container. Personal experience BE careful mixing soils didn’t know that it will change the ph level in the soil. !before after transplant

Timing is everything when transplanting autos. You dont want to do it too early and definitely dont want to do it too late.

TEGRITY what kind of jar? how long do you leave the jar on the plant? Thanks!

I just use a quart fruit jar. Usually, I leave the dome on for about a week. Misting the inside as needed. If you have a way to control your humidity, set it to 70%, and forget the dome.

Thanks Kingkupa I’m going to be watching… I’ll have some pictures before too long, here. Thanks for the invite.

ready to get my dirt prepared. using some happy frog on top and some Oceanfloor on bottom. I am almost certain I can put some humidity into the room up to 70-80 but we will see. I’ll have the jar on hand when I might need it…

So when you get the little tails into the soil how wet is the soil at first? Are you planting them in dry soil out of the bag or do you give it some moisture first. When I start tomatoes into soil I just put the tails into dirt and drench it and leave it for a few days then drench it again. These plants will be babied…

from seeds popping up, to 2-3 weeks what would be an ideal temp, and humidity with an 18 on and 6 off schedule ----- opinions?

I pre-moist the soil. Damp, not wet. If humidity is 65, I don’t bother with dome. When watering, create a circle around baby. Causes root growth and development. Just don’t get carried away! Over watering is pretty common. What lights are you using?

Viparspectra xs2000 are my lights. I bought 2.

I’m going to post my grow in auto flower forum here in a little bit. I’ll get pics going

waiting for the seeds to germinate. mixing soil today,