Indoor grow. 2X2 tent, I think I’m going to have a problem

So I originally thought my tent 2X2X4 would be fine for two autos and one female. Recently started adding nutrients and they’re exploding!! I thought maybe I’d just let the autos do their thing then flip and let the female have the tent to herself after I harvested the other two. Now I’m thinking I won’t have the space or time. Anyone have suggestions? I’m panicking as I don’t have $$$ for a new tent set up at the moment.


Autos will still flower on a 12/12 schedule, so no real worries about that. You could even out their height with a booster seat under the shorter one.

I suggest you do some pruning of the side growth. If it’s a branch that wants to grow sideways instead of up, goodbye. Any that don’t make it to the upper 1/3 of the canopy, gone.

Take your time, work gradually, spin the plant, look at it from the top down, and try to select the best stuff that you have the space for.


I agree. Clean up canopy, flip, and let them do their thing.