Indoor G13 Advise

Hi all. Looking for some advise from people that may have grown G13 indoors in the past. I got 3 free seeds and I am trying to get my first indoor set up going. Figured these 3 would be a good start seeing they were free.

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I49 freebie by any chance? I’ve got one of them growing right now. She has never given me any trouble. Fast flowerer.

Yep I49. My plan is to have 3 in a 48 x 48 x 78. What would be a suitable veg period before i send them into flower? Probably going with a 600w HID set up.

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Way too many variables to give you a good time frame on that. What I can say though is the pheno that I’m growing right now is a very short plant. Only stretched a couple inches at most when I flipped to 12 12. She is a good week or two ahead of everybody else in the tent.

That’s her circled. When I flipped to 12 12 she was basically same height as everybody else. Don’t worry though I flipped at 3 weeks from seed you can grow them as big as you want with longer veg.

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Looks great. I’m excited to get started. What lights are you using?

I’m using a knock off “quantum board” style light I bought off eBay. 500 watt Samsung 301b diodes.