Indoor 'Fun' Growing


This is our first try growing marijuana, it was really fun and as you can see there are little buds coming out of the plants.
These pictures are made the first week of the blooming schedule. It was really fun to see these plants grow so fast and smelling good.
But we still have much to learn… So we definitely going for a next round. I will show some more pictures in a few weeks.



Hi CocoBlanc,

Looks great! For how long are they flowering? And where did you get your clones :wink:



Wow. nice first grow.
Don’t be afraid to thin out the lower leafs and buds. As they continue to grow you will see that they will not get enough light to really become much. It is hard to convince people to waste these little nugs, but the plant can only support so many buds. Let the plant put the energy into quality.

Keep Growing



I’m vegin 2 sour diesel and 2 girl scout cookies indoor and they are 3 weeks old. My light sceduel is 19/5. can i take them outside to flower and when is a good time to taweke them out? I’m from middle tennessee and our grow time here is from may to mid october.


I would advise you acclimate them a little each day as long as it is warm enough. After a few days if you see no ill effects to being placed udder the Sun; Go for it. Thanks for sharing.