Indoor Flubber Grow


So a little indoor grow.
Seeds: La Plata Labs: Flubber Reg
Medium: Happy Frog Potting Soil
Setup: 400W Metal Halide
Nutrients: Nectar of The Gods(why go with the rest, when you can go with the best)

Soaked in Water for 12 hrs then added to paper towel for additional 24 hrs then into dome inside pellets


Added to silo cups after they had broken the soil. This is day 9 from seed


Started them out inside a 3x4x5 grow tent


Once they had gotten slightly bigger transplanted to 1.5 gal pots


Got more seeds to move the process forward. Going to be growing a few mothers at a time to reduce the need for buying seeds.

Once I had that in place began constructing the flower room which will be veg until I complete the veg room. Time and money wise of course.


Let them get a little bigger before getting ready to transplant into 5 gal smart pots


Transplanted into 5 gal pots…Day 41 from seed


Starting to get pretty big at this point. As of now they are 54 day from seed, 33 in Veg


Day 63 Overall

The plants are finally starting to show sex and with all Reg seeds one of them was a male and was promptly removed. The other 2 are female so silver linings.


As the grow has progressed from early veg I have topped them(twice) and cleared out the bottom 3rd or so. I am going to be getting them into a Scrog soon. Will continue photos as the grow progresses. If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up.


Looking good… I luv cheap n eazy setups…:slight_smile:



Thanks. Yeah for sure as every grow goes…a labor of love. Be so glad to go to the fem seeds. I don’t usually grow regs but a friend had them. Great strain for oil production. Now that I’m down to 2 I’m just gonna veg them a little longer to get a better yield. I am gonna drop some WW seeds over the next week to bring in down the line. Gonna mother a WW and BD as well to move away from seeds for a little bit.


Day 72 Overall ; Day 50 Veg
Letting them grow a little bigger before getting them into scrog. Due to sprouting issues the larger plant is 7" taller than the smaller. Will be a little interesting going into scrog. I am going to bend the top of the larger plant under the netting to more even them out. Most likely going to veg them for another 20 days before switching to 12 / 12. Going under the scrog in the next few days.


Day 74 Overall ; Day 52 Overall
Starting to get a little droopy. When I first transplanted to 5 gal pots I was feeding every 4 - 4 1/2 days. Now down to 3 - 3 1/2 of course as they get bigger they use more water.
Fed the ladies with 6.3 PH water. PPM reading of 1050. Runoff PPM of 1470
I always Spritz them after I feed just to make sure I wash off any nutrient splatter.
Gonna leave them in Veg for 16 more days. Day 90 going to 12/12.


How big is your veg area, do you plan to flower in that same area, waiting to see the scrog because it seems like they could veg a lil longer to fill out more space, just not sure if that’s where they’re going to flower… Have to shuv them into scrog and then calculate how much room u have…:smiling_imp:


My veg at the moment…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::sunglasses: … Might throw a pic out when I decide to shuv into scrog…



I just finished building the frame for my veg room its 5’ x 12’

obviously gonna remove the gas stove before I get things up and running in there. The room you see in the previous pics is what is gonna be my flower room. The growing area in that space is 7’ x 10’
Really nice looking Veg room @peachfuzz. That is what I hope to have just a space in the middle. Where I have the heater now I’m gonna have two mothers(White Widow & Blue Dream). Then in the closest area is gonna be where I grow my plants and clones.


Been slacking on my posts for a few weeks. Super busy between the grow and work. Last push before the end of the work season. So here they are Day 88 Overall Day 66 Veg. Got the ladies in the scrog and just letting them bush out a little more before switching to 12/12. Scrog is set at 24’ off ground. Had to tie die a little to keep them off the screen. When tying one of the branches down there was a pop and the send branch on the main stem was low. I applied a bit too much pressure. Got that tied up to the screen now to help it rise back up. There was no break in the branch or anything. To be honest don’t know what really happened other then my pushiness :expressionless: I hope the extra long veg time will help. Given this is my first full grow with soil was a little shocked with lack of size. Is no DWC for sure. Especially from a yield standpoint. I can tell that already.

I have just been keeping them in the usual schedule of water, water, feed. They got watered this morning and the final veg feed will be Sunday. Going to switch them to 12/12 on Monday. Full flush on Wednesday then go to the flowering nutes the following Saturday. With NoG nutes I use the same nutrients in veg as flower just with a few additions(Bloom Khaos and Mega Morpheus). They are looking real good and I am happy with the size in my first soil grow. By no means perfect but then again either am I so all around happy…Cheers!


Got my veg room almost finished(finally). Had to acquire the materials. Got plastic on all interior walls and ceiling with a few air pockets to bring in fresh air. Still have to finish the floor and door(hinges). Work in progress.

Day 1 Flower
Got my MaxFan on and switched to 12/12 last night. Can’t wait to start seeing some flowers!


Day 101 , Day 10 Flower
They have gotten quite large over the last few weeks. Trying and failing at keeping them even…lol. Should have used LST earlier when I decided to go in this direction(Scrog). Its working out just more of a labor through the transition. Been slowly removing undergrowth as they get bigger. Pistils on tops and stems are really getting large. Good Times!


Day 110 ; 18 Flower
Just trying to keep them even for another week or so. Then just let them run out. Been pushing most of the leaves under the scrog that are above and trimming those that are under. It is easy to tell when they haven’t gotten much light :dizzy_face: Have a little more work to do there in the next few days. Have a ton of sites so just keeping them exposed to the light at this point is the main goal. I most likely have too many, some may be shadowed. I’ll do my best to prevent that. We’ll see…If anyone has any tips I would appreciate it. This is my first scrog grow just don’t wanna go over trimming so been conservative.