Indoor, DWC GG Clone, she is hurting

This lady is hurting, she is a GG clone, cloned on 12/8/22, struggled early on, and still struggling.
Flushed her 12/2022 and she bounced back some. Put her into bloom 5 weeks ago and leaves are bad.
10x10 indoor tent, Bestva 4000 LED, (450w), using Lucas formula GH nutes, hydro guard, Silica and cal mag, roots are dark, had an issue 2 weeks ago with water being too warm, have that corrected now.
Using DWC, Root Spa buckets.
Todays readings
Water temp 66.5
PH 5.25
PPM 1230
Tent temp 73.5
RH 58%

Any help advice would be greatly appreciated

I’m switching over to ebb and flow w/chiller this weekend, soonest I can get it set up.


Looks like nitrogen toxicity (dark, waxy leaves with burned tips.) I would back off whatever nitrogen product you are using.

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Have a pic of the roots growmie? I am thinking by the spotting water may be to high in addition to to much N.

If so, and they look kinda brown and you cant distiguish individual roots and it looks like a browish blob you may have Cyanobacteria suffocating the roots. This is different from the clearish snot of root rot, but imo just as bad.

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Agree with @Jarlax lets get a look at those roots and the air gap on the net cup to hydro solution. I’m not an hydro expert but run my EC at 1.8-2.0 PH at 5.8-6.0 :love_you_gesture:

Raise water to 68f
Ph 5.8
Ppm 800
Temp 78f
Rh 50/55%
I run hydro. Happy Growing
With correct water spacing from net pot im at 2/3in.


N is GH MicroFlora, on the Lucas formula it says 1.62 tsp per gallon.
I’m at 2” below net pot
What is the best way to change PPM?

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Posted the pic of the roots

Do a res change all new nutrients clean bucket .
Roots look dark . I use jack321 for nutrients


Tagging some help on this Growmie, those roots are looking pretty bad @Myfriendis410 any suggestions :love_you_gesture:


Roots are dark; do they smell? Are they slimy?

I think your TDS is a bit high as evidenced by the dark green leaves (N tox). I would dilute down to around 900 ppm with straight water and run that.

Before you do you may want to run something like Florakleen through the whole system then refill with fresh nutes.

How large is your grow space and how many plants under that light? You need to be running 35 watts per square foot for proper light levels (at least) with that light. Not having enough light will cause all kinds of issues like what you’re seeing.


Only this one plant under the light.
Roots do not smell or not slimy.
At one time the water temp got high, but I’ve got it back down now. Chiller got here today, so I just have to get it hooked up.
I will look into Florakleen, and will get the PPM down to about 800.

Again, thank you for the advice

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Not to bad yet. I can see where you keep the water level by where your big roots stop. Want to lower it growmie to about 5 or 6" or 1/3ish bucket water 2/3 air and net pot, bigger it gets, more air they need. Keep it to high and only those spagetti roots will grow under water, want those big air roots to reach down more. The brown will decrease, if it gets worse add a little Dr. Tims Waste Away bacteria for fresh water aquariums. That will eat it, but better used as a preventative than a solution, and pretty cheap.

If you change the solution, and i would. Rinseing off the roots with shower mode moderately gently to get a little gunk off isnt a bad idea either. I dug up a pic of my roots so you can get a visual of water level.

This is in a 13 gallon bucket, about 6" under net pot. I also use Advanced Nutrients.


Do a bucket change. I run general hydroponics mainly with a few others. Hydrogaurd is good to help reservoirs that run on the warm side. But those roots don’t look good. Use uc roots to get rid of root rot . It’s a game changer.

Ok, is my meter accurate?
Turned on not in water, just air, PH reads 7.55.
Straight tap water PH 7.7 PPM 90
With Silica PH 9.1 PPM 115
Hydrogaurd PH 9.16 PPM 111
Cal/mag PH 9.03 PPM 139
GH Micro PH 8.83 PPM 373
GH Bloom PH 6.75 PPM 572

I did a measurement after each one I added. But confused why when I turn the meter on, not in water, just air it reads 7.75 PH?

UC Roots?

All ph and tds meters need to be calibrated after you buy them , then every 30 days. Don’t worry about what it says in the air . Add nutrient one at a time to water stirring in between each one you add. After everything added to the water that is when you check and adjust the ph. The ppm is good to check to so you know the amount of ppm you’re giving your plant. In a day or so if you see dramatic change in plant you know to divide the nutrients in half. Uc roots is a great product I would suggest researching it and also watching videos on dwc on YouTube. A lot of great growers and information here and on YouTube. Inside hydro, dusa farms are some good hydro guys on YouTube. There’s tons. Just get the basics down first before expanding to advanced techniques


Also note keep a journal of the grow writing down everything you did that day plus temps and rh . Every little detail you document can help you fix a issue or repeat for future growing


Nobody says it but bleach too! If u use low amounts of bleach it will kill root rot or whatever is accumulated on your roots! 1ml/5gal is enough



Ok Bighead500, I did 1/8 tsp per 3 gallons of water, which is less then 1ml per 5 gal, will look at the roots again tomorrow morning.
How long before I put it back on nutes, when the roots clear up?

I would still put nutrients in even if you used bleach. Plant needs the base nutrients to continue to grow and get healthy. Without nutrients you’re adding additional stress the plant doesn’t need right now.

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