Indoor Closet Tent Grow Sans Window

Hello all,

First off, thank you for the invaluable information on these sites. I’ve learned more than I know what to do with over the last few weeks.

I’ve finally decided on trying my first grow using a DWC (Direct Water Culture) system. I’ve decided on my equipment, and am being tripped up by one portion of the setup, the carbon filter, smell control.

Since the grow will be in a grow tent placed in a closet without ventilation, I have to figure out a way to eliminate (or get close to eliminating) any odor. So, I’ve done my research and decided the Carbon Filter will be the best option.

Would anyone have any opinions on the following (or suggest any carbon filter, exhaust systems) -

Since I do not have anywhere to exhaust the stinky air to, I was wondering if there was some way the air could simply exhaust into the closet (but be smell free). I’m assuming the carbon filter needs to be placed in the grow tent, but am wondering if I might be able to use ducting to attached grow tent exhaust hole thingy to the carbon filter placed outside of the grow tent in the closet?

Any ideas or suggestions would be extremely helpful as I am ready to begin very soon, but obviously a safe grow is priority.

Thank you kindly for any assistance.

Ok…first up…All of us here t ILGM Welcome you !

OK…I Had the same problem. Then it hit me go through the ceiling into the adict.
So now all my heat and smell go’s up there. Could you do something like that


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Thank you for the welcome Will.

There is an access to a small space in attic, but for various reasons, i’m trying to stay away from that route. If necessary, I will have to use that space however I want to see if other options were available.

Thank you again.

My thoughts as a beginner but having done a lot of research…

If you put the air back into the same room I foresee a few problems.

  1. It’s going to get really hot inside the tent.
  2. You won’t have negative pressure which will push out the smell (I think)
  3. Fresh air is a really good thing. I’m guessing you’ll have positive pressure in the space thus keeping fresh air from entering.

Just my thoughts. Again, I’m a beginner so take it with a grain of salt.

Good luck!!

Also, the filters I’ve seen are meant to have air pulled thru, so inside the space.

A couple questions…

Do you own where you live or rent? If you rent, you’ll be pretty limited to what you can cut. If you own I’d highly advise finding a way to vent, like the attic suggestion by @garrigan62

Are you worried about someone knowing or just the smell in general?

If you rent you can cheaply buy a replacement door for the closet and cut a high and low vent in it. Keep the original door for when you move. However, if you’re hiding it, then holes in a door might be suspicious. But, a fan will be heard. A little louder than you might expect. At least mine was. Wind noise I mean, not the motor.