Indoor Cheese Auto Living Soil PH


Well I don’t know whether to feel confused or enlightened.

Doing some forum thumbing earlier I stumbled upon some living soil information that may have me ditch pre adjusting my PH anymore.

I’ve been adjusting my PH in my water since hydrating the seed up until now. The information I’m coming across now says for when your using living soil that your not supposed to adjust the PH in the water due to the acids in the mixtures killing off the microorganisms in the living soil. Thus working in reverse in terms of not needing to supplement nutes throughout the grow.

I’m hoping I am not too far in to have destroyed the living soil properties enough for the whole life cycle and that this is solid info.

By the way I’m using Natures living soil Auto flower.


It has been my experience using organic soils that you do not want to introduce anything that is not organic or derived from organic sources. I have never adjusted ph during this time as the micro organisms in the soil tend to buffer the ph themselves. I rarely saw any nutrient deficiencies in the majority of strains I grew. You have some great soil life there dont kill it with synthetic ingredients.


What you just said is exactly what I’ve been reading lately. Really appreciate the feedback thank you!


If youre using a living soil yes, don’t adjust your PH because it will kill the microbes in the soil. When using a living soil you’re completely doing a different thing than when using regular soil. When using regular soil, you feed the soil which feeds the plant. When using a living soil, youre feeding the microbes, which feed the plant.
If you PH your water, The Acid will kill the microbes, thus your plant will not be getting what it needs as your soil will be going anaerobic. If you believe you have killed off the microbial life in your soil. A simple Compost tea will bring them back to life.


Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. That’s exactly the information I was looking for. I’ll have to pick up a Compost Tea just to be safe. 15 days of Adjusted PH is probably enough to at least throw it off some. I’ll tag you in my Grow if you don’t mind maybe you’ll see some something before I do, I’m very new to this and could use all the experienced eyes with living soil :smile:


No problem. I am brewing a compost tea right now as we speak!


Ive also been stumbling upon some people mentioning Kelp meal as a good additive/ bandaid for damaged organic/ living soil. Any experience with it?


Yep Kelp meal can be top dressed. It is great, Alfalfa meal as well. There are a lot of additives to use. Fish Hydrosylate and Seaweed extract are good as well


Can you clarify what you mean by top dressing? I like to avoid grey area :smile:


Just apply a little on the top and water, that’s what @Aolelon means, his got you covered.


I thought that’s what we were talking about, but I always want to make sure :joy: thanks!


But if you can a compost tea is the way to go. A quick fix is by adding Alaska fish fertilizer also.


Ordering a compost tea and bag of kelp meal as we speak. :innocent:


Awsome, that will do the trick. :+1:t3:


Thank you 2 day shipping :heart_eyes::joy: used AMZN for practically every thing I have for this grow. So helpful.


Awsome let see her grow !!


I’ll make sure you are tagged in my journal update this weekend. Do you have anything currently going?


Yes I don’t have a journal though,six plants ,in a dual root zone, deep water culture aquaponics system and one no till super soil grow

all organic, I will put up pics when I harvest. I’ll tag you


Beautiful :heart::heart::heart: please do! what strains currently?


@FNG101v2, Thank you my friend, we have been cloning trainwreck for a few years now and just started with gorilla glue#4 and a corleon kush, these have worked for us since they are more sativa dominant,except the kush, live in a hot humid area

were about to hit 100 again outside stay cool my friend.