Indoor Chaotic Grow

Been ages! Things have been busy.
Besides the usual busy there was also the Lift & Co. Expo up here in the snowy North this past weekend. $20.00 Canuck bucks to get in and swag/free samples worth about a grand was received.
Included in that free crap was a bunch of sample sizes from Advanced Nutrition, a complete 3 part plus 3 different various adjuncts from Emerald and a 4 part plus 4 various adjuncts from Green Planet. Was thinking of trying full on hydro next grow, now I have all the nutes I’d ever need for that.
Also got to talk with a few breeders. I know I mentioned that I had an issue with some seeds genetic ancestry listed versus what was claimed in the name. I still decline to name the breeders but spoke to one of this groups breeders and they apologized for my not receiving a response to my question at all. They said even if they were going to decline to answer, they should have still responded and I should assume it was an accidental oversight and to write with more questions in the future. That done they also let me know completely the answer to my questions and I am satisfied. Another of the breeders I spoke to gave me 40 seeds of their proprietary strains. Would love to shout them out, but this forum is inappropriate so don’t ask me publically :wink:
Ok, time to catch up on the garden. Group shot!

Next a bad shot of my probable (spoke to this breeder, this cultivar was the one I was concerned about) GSC.

She’s broken nodal symmetry, has pre-flowers and is healthy as a healthy ox on let’s all be healthy day. The branches are coming out whippy and leggy, very sativa like, but still feels more indica in shape. Still hoping for a Platinum GSC but this might be a hybrid of the other parent as well. That would still be something mighty fine, but not what I was hoping for. Won’t really know until flowering. Either way that’s going to be a nice plant.
Next how about my Vanilla Kush:

the packet on there is a packet of predatory mites. Got along well with the predatory insect company people and they gave me a selection based on what I am at risk from in my area. I don’t have any parasites in there now, but nice to have a preventative in place. In general she looks great, just finally saw some preflowers on her today but symmetry is only just starting to break at the nodes. Thick strong branches, very compact and its central stem is FAR AND AWAY the thickest in the garden. I don’t think it’s the best exemplar of this cultivar as it’s just not branching and spreading too fast and its vertical growth is slow, but it’s definitely going to be fire!
Next the runt, my CBDurban:

She’s in a smaller and shorter pot from the others, she also was a self topper so had 2 branches that just couldn’t settle which would take apex dominance. Even though it’s not the best choice I took one of those for a clone (better to take a lower branch). As a side effect of the self topping, there is WAY more low down growth than there should be so it’s like the dominant branch is just growing out from a ball. Didn’t see pre flowers but this cultivar doesn’t show them (at least never from my grows from several different seeds of it) however nodal symmetry has broken, so it’s probably mature. Anyway, she seems short when you look how far she has to go to get to the trellis:

but add back the height that’s lost on the shorter pot and she’s actually about as tall as the rest of my canopy.
Oh, and let’s see how the revegging of the sweet tooth is going:

That’s even a day old and there is more new leaf growth since then. The soil was super rich, hence the extreme green-ness and shineyness of those new leaves. So, I gave her a flush.
Water in was pH 6.3 and ppm 36, out was pH 7.3, ppm 556. Flushed until runoff was pH 6.34 and ppm 53.
Well, before we get to Ana, will just outline my breeding plan.
I took a few clones

2 Vanilla Kush, 1 GSC and 1 CBDurban. The CBDurban is for a friend, the rest are for seed.
So, the GSC will be allowed to root and then be put into flower unmolested. it will be paired with a Vanilla Kush clone. The Vanilla Kush clone will be topped right after rooting and as soon as the two top branches show, one will be treated with colloidal silver for male flowers and the other will be allowed to grow female flowers. Now, they will be isolated together right before the male flowers open so that the vanilla kush fertilizes only itself and the GSC. Once I am sure fertilization has occured the male branch will be trimmed off and discarded and the two plants will be returned to the common grow area. At the same time the other vanilla kush will be unmolsted and paired with the revegged sweet tooth and those two will be isolated right before the male flowers open on the sweet tooth, and in that pairing we know that all seeds on the sweet tooth will be self crosses and equivalent to clones, and all on the vanilla kush there will be crossed with the sweet tooth. Again, after fertilization I’ll chop its balls off and all of these clones, each clearly labeled so that I won’t get confused later, will be back in the common area of the tent to finish up and I’ll have tons of seed but only on my tiny clones, leaving the mother plants sinsemilla.
So, that’s the breeding plan this time round.
Ok, FINALLY! Here’s how Ana is doing:

Well, I was testing soil anyway so I did a slurry of Ana’s growing medium. ppm was 11 (yup, 11, but it’s depleted pro mix and last watering wasn’t a feed, still lower than I thought it should be. I’m still new to non-soil) and pH was about 7.3. A bit higher than expected, it crept up the last week or so. Everyone is getting watered with a pH of 6.0 for the next bit to correct the pH issues. Anyway, Ana was starving (and perhaps a bit of a manganese lockout judging by pH and by some of the leaf damage pattern) for a bit. Foliar sprays galour, heavy feeding and a bit of tweeking this and that and say some good proper deep green in the newest leaves. And a bit of nute burn even. Even lucked out that some of the old broadleaf got some green back (which points to manganese lockout again because getting green back is rare and I think that can happen when that’s fixed, but might be misremembering and too much to do to bother looking stuff up, so, assume I’m wrong on that). So, Ana’s not going to be first place I’d guess, she’s been huge trouble since about week 4. That said, as soon as flowering started she suddenly looked REALLY sativa, and with me sativa’s always seem to go nasty with the broadleaf right out the gate. The buds are still growing about as expected so the broadleaf always seems to be working enough. I just have far less trouble from indicas, but who doesn’t find that. She’s looking frosty, so, I mean, autoflower so won’t be that strong but might be ok. Yield is going to suck. she’s a bit shy of 40cm, not at all impressive. Started flowering at week 2, so lucky she’s even that tall.
Autoflower just isn’t my thing, too little control.
Ok, that’s the update, hope everyone is well.


A few days after the last pictures and Ana has filled in a bit. She might still impress.


Top down view, Ana’s getting some fall colours.
Yup, that’s colour corrected from an LED array lighting system. I got the odd skill.
That is what it looks like under white light, I’m just showing off.


Another quicky update.
Everyone who isn’t an autoflower got their final trimming before I flip to 12/12 on Thursday. The Vanilla Kush looks to just love having a flat canopy:

And the CBDurban looks fine, having finally hit canopy height with the main trunk, but the inner canopy at the base was too dense and asking to be a potential problem for humidity when flowering is well under way:

Finally the possibly a Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (or not) had already become unruly. Trimmed off a ton of upper branches (some people are getting clones for gifts I guess) and base has been thinned out:

And finally, here’s Ana today!


Ok, here we are 4 days after flipping to 12/12. The stretch is WELL under way already, and all stems are getting woody at a fast rate.
Group shot!

Not much else to say really, except an aside upon flowering date.
So, ages ago I read a statement on a forum by Subcool (of TGA Seeds) on what he means for beginning of flowering for his genetics estimates. Does he count from the day of switching schedule or from the appearance of first flowers. His response was that the switching of the lights was an objective event, whereas when you see the first flower you see is a very ill defined event. the gist of what he said was the idea of from first appearance of a flower that you happened to see was a useless metric and it was from the day you switch schedule.
Ok, I agree with that being when you should count from, but that doesn’t mean any other breeder at all follows that same rule. I mean, my girls were all well mature, so every node already had preflowers and here it is 4 days later and there are clearly flowers at all new nodes of all the three photoperiod plants. That said I’ve had plants that took two weeks from flipping the lights to show any flowers, but those are their genetic traits. My point being we all know it’s a guideline, and I guess unless you talk to the breeders that you got your genetics from I would assume the shorter schedule but prepare for the longer. Oh, and if we are talking autoflower, then unless otherwise stated the flowering time is to be assumed to cover from seed to harvest total. In fact Ana’s exactly on schedule for that assumption that the 10 weeks the breeder stated is from seed to harvest.
I guess I can throw in a separate little bit of folk wisdom that I take as a guideline. it’s totally subjective but it’s not bad for estimation. When you first notice some stigma that are not getting brushed up against or otherwise that get banged about, but on a sheltered bud, turn colour and shrivel then it’s safe to assume you are about 28 days from harvest, give or take. That’s 4 weeks, or 1 lunar month. So, once you see one naturally turn and shrivel in a sheltered area, schedule your final flush for 2 weeks from then.
It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad, and once you are close check with a microscopre to make sure it’s not behind or less likely ahead of schedule.
So, Ana, here’s some shots:

and a bit closer on the main cola:

Now, according to the breeder there’s about 2 weeks left, I first saw a naturally turned about 2 weeks ago, so today was the last feeding and Wednesday or Thursday will be just pH’d water from here on out, so in this case that rule of thumb matches what the breeder says.
How about some trichome shots?

Most areas are like the first photo, clear with a little cloudy, but a few areas are like the second, cloudy and the odd amber.
Autoflowers, they just don’t ripen consistently, but on average the trichomes are just starting to cloud up, so, oh, about 2 weeks judging from that.
And yeah, that is a really dense canopy I got there, that’s going to be a challenge and a half.


Oh the things we do to ScrOG. Yeah, the following picture is of a knot in my Platinum GSC.
Gotta keep the canopy under control after all :wink:


Ok, a little catch up time.
First off, every plant has at least one bud site that is producing trichomes. Though only one is showing at all bud sites so far. Neat fact is the one bud I found on the Vanilla Kush that is trichome producing for sure is at the location of an honest to goodness FIM. I remember when I pinched off the tip on the branch in question thinking I might not have gotten the terminal growth bud, and sure enough a week later when that had started growing again it had 4 heads. Yes, that would be an interesting thing to see, but no in focus shot of it today, so, sorry, another time I guess. (As an aside about the Vanilla Kush, she’s still got very brittle branches. Anyone ever have that before? Makes training a touchy job so would love to hear how others solved it)
What I do have is a pic of my most aggressively trichome producing plant, my CBDurban:

She also has the longest flowering time, so surprised she’s first in trichome production so far.
Nothing else interesting up with them. Gave them one last defoliating today and that’s it, too stressful to do after this point so here’s hoping I got any leaves that would have been trouble today. It was also a light defoliating
Finally, here’s some close up bud porn of my autoflower (full view of Anastasia is in the 20 Days in April thread):


Been a bit, and nothing to blame but my laziness.
Ana is curing, so final cured photos are, like, a week away.
Everything else with the exception of my seed clones are around half way done. Give or take.
So, the CBDurban first.

I grow this mostly to give away to people with serious health issues (and I find it useful for myself too so I keep some) and it’s a great plant. It’s also one I’ve grown many times and there’s really no surprises with it for me anymore. So, ummm, yeah.
Next, the possibly Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Let’s just say she REALLY looks like a Platinum GSC and not even a little like Green Crack, so, ummmm, all is good.

One thing you can’t see is some of the bracts and some of the sugar leaves have started changing colours, and the colour palette is looking really GSC like. On top of that, smallest buds in the tent, and considering GSC is known for it’s so-so yield, I’m going to soon have to call it as not a scam by this breeder. Still a while until it’s done though.
Next the Vanilla Kush, and let’s take a look at the interesting little bit of this one:

Yup, that’s a bunch of white bracts on top of that bud. Now, immediately you’d think bleached out from lights too close, but this isn’t even the closest to the light bud on this plant, let alone in the tent. Now, apparently there are reports that these can sometimes be super mega trichomed buds that are almost magical in their amazingness (for example this article but honestly, feels like snake oil and a way to sell bleached, messed up buds for more than the healthier, better buds. I raised the lights a touch but am overall happy with where they are so it was only a cm or two that they actually got raised.
If you look in the middle of the following pic you can see the white tip, and can see how it’s not at all the tallest/closest to the lights:

Finally, the clones. So, there are 3 clones and even though I took a bunch of Sweet Tooth clones, I decided to reflower the revegged mother. I gave out the clones to friends who all I know can be trusted to their word and all promised a little bit of the yield so no reason to do anything more then just get seed with the mother. Get the most clones out that way, and the most happy people. So, 3 clones and one revegged plant are in the breeding program this time. The Sweet Tooth will be self crossed to get basically clones in seed forms, and with fertilize a vanilla kush clone that has no male flowers being induced. There is a second vanilla kush clone that is having one branch treated to induce flower so it can self cross, and that vanilla kush with be allowed to also fertilize the final clone, a GSC for some Vanilla Cookies. I am not going to be making any GSC self crosses as the seeds are (as I have whined about many times) of dubious genetic ancestry. I’ll start going into more details on my breeding if anyone cares, otherwise it’ll be short low detailed updates like this. Let me know if you want details on my breeding techniques.

Will do a bit of catch up later. In the mean time, final flush bud porn!

(FYI: Those white spots on the leaves, I was worried about higher than optimum humidity in the tent so sprayed with a sodium bicarbonate solution, so now it all LOOKS like it has powdery mildew. Freaked me right out because I’d never done a sodium bicarb spray before and the next morning BOOM! White spots everywhere. But it’s just baking soda. As I said. yeah.)


That’ll get your attention! They look amazing though :+1:

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I know, I got to finish up this diary (spoiler, the Platinum GSC is stellar) and maybe even start a new journal for my present grow, but popped on to say HAPPY CANADA LEGALIZATION DAY!
Oh, and for people who ever wanted to discuss genetics/breeding etc with me (I know @anon95385719 mentioned that) , you can pm me on instagram, same user name. Present breeding project just finishing up is an F1 Malawi X Super Lemon Haze, feminized seeds I am happy to discuss.
YAY! Legalization! I hope it spreads to where everyone is presently living soon!