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Hey everybody! Figure I should introduce myself with a grow journal.
Background: I’ve grown on and off for a very long time, but always outdoor and minimal care. Just let nature do it’s thing and tried to prevent disaster. Product was fine, but nothing special ever. Recently went to indoor and started with a micro space. I mean MICRO, in imperial units about 1.5’ cube. Tiny yields but scratch the hobby urge as I had lots on my mind but just going over and over it all doesn’t help, hence, something to do instead of just worrying.
Present: So I decided to scale up to merely tiny, got a small tent (I don’t use imperial much for lengths and never for temperature, sorry for anyone who will need to google conversion of units but the size of the tent was in feet and inches so for the moment you’re in luck) which is 2’X2’X5’6". Graduated from my home built kinda sketchy LED set up to a upper low end Marshydro light and am on my way. I moved my tiny bonsai sized plants to the tent to finish flowering and am in the final weeks with them. As such I am deciding on what to grow next.
The Cast: Have a teeny sour diesel and a teeny Sweet Tooth in flower, both had a branch sprayed with colloidal silver and self crossed so that I could in theory start almost identical plants from seed but with more room. There is also a hyper mini Northern Lights that was a clone of the plant I was flowering and I was spraying the clone to get pollen to make self crossed seeds. It resisted throwing any male flowers so long that I ended up revegging it and then having it go in flower again, and finally got a few male flowers, so it’s got some seeds actually nearly ripe.
The sour diesel, well, it’s going fine but had so many deformities and weirdness I figured it’s inbred to all get out, so if I get seed from it, going to toss them as I can get better genetics for that cultivar.
Ok, now, as I said, got a grow finishing up, and have a micro space which I am going to start some seedlings in so I can put them in the tent with them established as soon as this grow is done. Going through the seed collection I found an auto Amnesia Haze seed I got for free which was just sitting ignored as I am not a big fan of autos. Figured, meh, it’s now or never and started it.
My methods: As I said, I started as a plant outside and let nature do its thing grower, so I don’t baby the plants ever. I will not say my way is better because it isn’t, but it’s how I know to grow. So, the seed is old and figured it was best to prep it. I carefully scraped some of the cuticle waxy layer off the shell so water could seep in easily and really carefully scored the edge of the shell so it would split easily and into paper towel it went. It split over night and went into the soil and 48 hours later it emerged.

That was yesterday and here she is today:

Now, one thing I know is if you want to have a very high probability of the shell coming off the embryo sprout as it emerges, don’t plant shallow. About 2cm (about 1") deep and the shell will almost always be left below soil level. As you can see, the seed casing never got dragged to the surface.
One last thing, the unnamed source for that seed listed it as amnesia haze but listed the genetics as a lowryder white russian cross, so really, who knows.
And that’s all to this point, the auto will be started in a short day cycle, but it’s the side attraction anyway, the main event will be started soon.
And how about some mini-bonsai sized bud porn? Here’s the sweet tooth:


Welcome to forum! Got some pretty girls there!


Welcome to the forum @SquidGrow
Looks like a healthy plant to me so you can obviously grow
especially if done in a small space :+1:
Youll find a great membership here super nice folks all willing to share thier experiences for the common good of the community and knowledge :wink:


Another day, another little bit of growth on the AHA.

With well less than a month left on my present flowering grow, going to get some beans popped.
The plan is minimal training. Yes, yields will be low, but am looking at variety over quantity this round. That AHA is likely going to be moved out of the tent anyway, but it’s still a small tent. If I do more than a minimal amount of training I’ll fill the tent with one plant.
So, the plan is 3-4 plants (depending on if I boot the AHA to the balcony or not) with each only having a single central cola and minimal side branching. One of the proposed strains is Vanilla Kush, and I only have one seed of that, so I may induce male flowers on one branch or small clone to get more seed.
So, the new beans to pop are likely to be:
-Girl Scout Cookies (or are they? The breeder’s write up calls them Girl Scout Cookies but then lists the genetics as GSC X Green Crack, so, might be Girl Scout Crack. I wrote the breeder’s through their web site, unsurprisingly there has been no response)
-Vanilla Kush
-CBDurban, a 1:1 THC:CBD cultivar bred from Durban Poison and some unspecified high CBD cultivar. Best medicinal cultivar I have found so far since also contains decent amounts of THCv as well.
A bit more pondering to go but go big or go home, right?

Into week two for the auto . . .something! Let’s take a look:

Well, it’s doing ok, maybe a little smaller than I’d like, but minimal stretching so let’s call it a win.
Next, two of the remaining three have poked up their heads today:

On the left we have “Girl Scout Cookies” in quotes because the breeder may have crossed with Green Crack. I can tell you they never wrote back when I inquired what the story was. The GSC seed came up without the seed casing. On the right, Vanilla Kush. All looks good, it did come up with the seed casing still attached but that fell off on its own a few hours later.
Not pictured is the CBDurban. It’s not quite up but it has started heaving up the soil and I can see it’s almost emerged.
Finally, how is the existing grow going? Here’s the Sweet Tooth:

Tiny but frosty. In week two of its flush, plan to harvest a week from yesterday.
Also, majorly nitrogen starved Sour Diesel. Have given it CalMag which has lots of nitrogen too, and it responded. Still, only maybe 3 weeks left at the outside and thinking might as well just flush and finish it even though it’s a bit starved already.
Here she is, in all her messed up tiny glory:

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Well, I heeded the call and am entering my “amnesia” auto into the 20 days in April contest.
She’s in too small a pot and is going to be under 12/12 lighting for another week or two so no chance she’ll win, but figured this would entice me to tend to her more. So, here’s the (could be amnesia, could be white russian, beats me) auto freshly and obviously by her uncertain heritage named girl, Anastasia.

Next, the old grow. Went over them with a microscope and it was clear they were both ready, and both a week and a half flushed anyway, so down the Diesel came:

and she yielded, among others, one very . . . penis-y bud:

And down came almost all the sweet tooth. One branch that was intentionally seeded is remaining for another week or so. Also have a tiny Norther Lights in a cup that was heavily seeded (self crossed) and wouldn’t mind that having an extra week or two to try and make sure the seeds ripen. It’s not like I haven’t harvested seed too early once or twice. So, here’s the last stick of the sweet tooth.

Now for the newborn photos, here’s all three:

and a close-up of the CBDurban:

Ok, so, here’s some info on what’s happening with that CBDurban and why it looks so different and so stunted. That is actually the normal development for what I did producing those seeds.
I had one CBDurban that grew very slow from seed but once it got to seedling stage REALLY took off. Also, had a hint of banana in the scent ans was quite smooth smoked/vapourized. I self crossed it and had wondered if the weird development was because it was a weak seed or if it was a heritable trait. Turns out it’s in the genes.
Anyway, what happens is the cotyledons come out super tiny, and then slowly fill in from base to tip, with a clear frontier between the full sized, green cotyledon portion closest to the stem with a pale, dense and tiny but shrinking as the plant develops area past that. The end result is it’ll be on the second set of adult leaves before those embryonic leaves finish initially developing. Those photos are already a day old and today it’s moved along nicely.
Anyone else ever run across that development pattern before?


At 14 days old, let’s see how Anastasia is doing:

Well, not a problem in the world there.
And the youngins:

The bigger two are a bit stretchy, but dealt with that.
Closeup of my runt:

Can see the weird cotyledon development progressing, and it’s clear they are growing out. Also as predicted the adult leaves are coming in fine and it’s starting to grow at a near normal pace.
Of course Anastasia will be starting her flowering stretch soon already, but as far as I can see she’ll have some very healthy foliage in place by then. Those fan leaves look to be set to become huge quick!


Hey internet strangers!
Lets start with Anastasia:

So, ummmmm, that’s no sativa. So, I know it’s too early to be sure, but that’s probably specifically a White Russian auto. Anyway for 16 days old, she looks pretty good! Nothing to report, just watering with plain water as the ProMix still has lots of fertilizer left in it.
Next, the infants:

The CBDurban is still behind but it’s growing at a fair pace. If I was forced to guess, I kind of suspect a bit of nute burn. Since the cotyledons are STILL developing I think it might have thrown out some feeder roots since all nutrition isn’t yet available and got a little burned since it was too young for that yet. As I said though, it’s growing ok and will catch up some time soon.
Finally, I decided that the Sweet Tooth I have isn’t worth losing if it turns out I got no seeds from it, so, guess who’s getting revegged!

Yuppers, some lucky Canadians are going to be getting cuttings of my beloved Sweet Tooth. Those two TEENY buds are sufficient for it to re-establish vegetative growth from.
And with that change, the tent is on a 16:8 light schedule (I like giving them a little more darkness time). So Anastasia is getting 4 more hours of light probably through to harvest, which should up the quality of the final product.


Let’s start out with Anastasia the Autoflower Not Amnesia. She slowed growth to a crawl for about two days, but that’s about to change since that was the pause to change metabolism over to the bloom phase because what’s that you can see in this picture?

Why yes, that’s a flower.
So, a quick warning: I tend to use the correct terms for plant anatomy, not the popular terms. As cannabis is leaving the underground and joining the mainstream, if you want to be a part of this and you wish to study or try to produce scientific research, the scientists are not going to understand you at all. I don’t do this to insult or belittle, I do it to maintain a personal standard and if you use the wrong terms, I’ll understand, but please consider updating your vocabulary.
Ok, with that said, you can clearly see two stigma emerging from that one tiny bract there at the node. Technically, since the structure composed of the two stigma, the style (inside the bract) and the ovary (also inside the bract) make up the pistil, you can see one pistil. With two stigmas, but that’s only one pistil. Which brings us to the bract. A bract is not a calyx. A calyx is what the flower grows out of, and in cannabis it’s only a few cells tall and invisible to the human eye. Think about a big flower, that tough green covering over a bud that when it blooms looks like a little green cup the petals are emerging out of, that’s a calyx. I think the word calyx sounds better than bract, but it IS a bract, so, science demands humility and I must call it a bract.
End of pedagogical non-sense.
Lets see a nice full view of Anastasia:

She’s looking quite strong, she’ll finish up nice. Well, nice as an auto can. There are getting better but I’ll always prefer photoperiod I think.
And here’s the little ones:

They’re coming along, not too long until they get transplanted. The CBDurban is catching up, which is clearing to see in person.

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You’re right, I always call them pistils and callyx because everyone else does, but they are not the correct terms. We all should start using the proper names.

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It’s a change I’d love to see spread. I also use cultivar instead of strain, even though I think strain sounds better.
I figure I have to give a little so the more this change spreads, to more Ill be patient with inches and Fahrenheit and keep a conversion calculator to open instead of asking them to convert to metric first.
I am trying to be less grumpy, so that will do me some good.

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I think it’s because there are a lot of newbies here, so it’s hard to explain every little thing to them. It’s just easier to use vernacular they understand.

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Along the same lines this forum is mostly American, so it’s a bit hard to expect most people who were never exposed to metric to use it exclusively.
A short aside, I remember way back in first year Calculus asking in tutorial how something worked. The TA was a bit socially broken and clearly a genius, and he replied a bit too bluntly (but I knew he was a bit on the spectrum, so I didn’t take it personally) that the aspect I asked about was clearly trivial. I told him a trivial truth is obvious to the stupidest student, and that’s me, but I don’t get it so if he could just appreciate that maybe it’s just experience that made him think it was trivial. He hadn’t thought about it that way and then did make it clear.
So I need to remember when I was more the student with the newbies, true.
Years later but still long ago now someone asked me some question about math and I knew it from number theory (which, by the way, is immensely difficult and is an upper year undergraduate math subject) and I looked at them and said something like it’s trivially obvious that solution will always have some important characteristic. They looked at me and said they had no idea how I could say that was easy because they’ve been trying to work it out for weeks and didn’t even know if this was a problem that fit any know thing. So if I’m going to teach, I have to remember they don’t know what they know and don’t know yet, so I guess answer clearly and encourage them to learn more.
I think I’m a bit introspective stoned here. Where was I? Oh yeah, tell that cloud to get out of the sky! Thinks it’s so great . . . :wink:

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Lol, yeah, you sound a little high, but I understand what you’re saying. It’s very difficult when trying to teach someone. I always try to remind myself that I must be clear in my explanation because this person obviously doesn’t know what I know. Even more important though, is writing clear English! I tried to get people to be more careful with their texting about a year ago, but no one cared. Half the time I find myself trying to decipher a post because it was so poorly written. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I notice when someone jumps right to the request to fill out a support ticket that’s the go to solution for incomprehensible questions.
I keep sane by only jumping in on the mad science questions, find those the most fun since any excuse is the right excuse to do some evil science. (There will even be some mad science on this grow, I want to some more Vanilla Kush seeds, so I am going to self cross that plant for some seed. Might cross it with my GSC if she looks like a good phenotypical expression)

Yes! Vanilla Kush with GSC! Seems like a match made in heaven.

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Exactly! Vanilla girl scout cookies could be a win if the genes will play nice :smiley:

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Look who just near doubled her height in one night? Yup, Anastasia is full blown in her flowering stretch!


Another day so first off let’s see Anastasia on this, her 21st day:

Wow the soil settled so much (too much!) in her bag, but I’ll cope. She got her first feed yesterday and looks to have some very strong growth today.
Also today was the day the rest of the girls left the cradle and got their own pads (except my sweet tooth, which has been in her bag for ages and is now being revegged. Hoping none of the little ones are too stressed by their move, here that are all settled in:

I think I’d better move Anastasia from the back there since she’ll be harvested first, that position is a headache waiting to happen.
Note: The netting is only intended to be used as a support trellis on this grow since I intend for skinny plants only to keep the crowding down. So the big gaps are fine. Next grow will be a SCROG, so will add cord to double the grid lines then.

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So very busy lately, so just a quick update.
All the transplantees are fully recovered and nicely in veg. The re-vegging Sweet Tooth has those weird looking revegged leaves finally just starting to show.
Group shot!

Finally, Ana. well, she’s nicely into flower now and the leaf structure is now decidedly sativa, so, only more questions there.
Next, have been feeding her half strength for a bit and this morning saw a bit of yellowing. There was a bit of a lockout worry as my tap water, with the warm weather, shot way high in pH and I was watering with straight tap water on non-feed days since it’s usually fine but luckily checked pH knowing it can go more alkaline in this city out of winter time. pH issues had been fixed so I noted I should feed full strength tonight. Well, she’s a HUNGRY girl, and the yellowing had progressed over the day today and I just gave her a heavy feed. That should help. There’s a folier spray scheduled for lights out tonight. Jump start things a bit, plus it’s got a bit of my secret sauce in it.
Finally, today was also the first sugar water treatment.
Anyway, a bit more detail on Anastasia: