Indoor box recommendations

Hi, wondering if you guys could list some indoor box or tent recommendations that could be purchased?

I just want to be able to grow 1-2 plants a time, small space usage, minimal cost. Just personal use growing.

Just struggling to find stuff on google! And I’m not really sure what’s reliable either.



@Tehj I suspect you’re not in the US? there’s a few members on here that are from many countries. If you tell us we could start there. Most of us in the US use amazon. It may or may not be available to you. eBay is the others source. Do you have anything started yet? After answering the basic few questions we can get you pointed in the right directions and provide you a list of necessary items.
And WELCOME to ILGM. With this forum you’ll be successful. Let us know and when you respond be sure to tag us so we get notified using the @Covertgrower. @bob31

i see allot of grow tents on Wish. You may want to check them out. Do a search with “grow tent” and you’ll have plenty to look at. I can’t vouch for the quality of them @Tehj

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Hi guys, I’m in Aus :slight_smile: I have 3 seeds left to pop, wanted to get into an indoor practice.

I could build something… I just wanted to buy for simplicity. Wasn’t sure about eBay quality… have seen them though. Same with wish.

Are LEDs ok to grow with over cfl? I figure less wattage the better in terms of heat.


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Looks like there’s a lot of options on eBay in au. I am shocked to be honest haha, normally nothing exists here!!

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Lighting will make the difference between low and high yield. If heat is an issue, led’s are a good choice.

ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY! I’m going to tag @dbrn32 to weigh in as our lighting guru.

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I can vouch for roleadro. The cob lights are great. Plus you can get them around $100 @Tehj

Hello! To answer your question about the leds, they are great to grow with! Were you looking at doing something with household led bulbs? Or a horticulture specific led grow light?

I don’t know what you’re options really are for purchasing outside of the us, but we should be able to help you through the process of finding something that meets your requirements.

The only thing I’m familiar with in Australia is cutter electronics. I don’t believe they sell complete grow lights, but they do sell kits to build your own using chip on board leds. If that’s something you may be interested in, check them out. I believe there are tutorials for assembly on YouTube.

We’ll have a better idea of exactly what you’ll need for light after you settle on what you’re going to grow in. For 1-2 plants I would look around for something at least 2’x2’ and the taller the better. They’re great for a single plant or a couple of plants if you don’t mind keeping them small.


Hey man, thanks for that!

Theres heaps of kits on eBay it seems that offer tent lights ventilation etc, they’re Chinese made tho so I’m not sure.

I’m sure I can import lights, but I have no clue what to do it in. The roleadro look really good, lots of good reviews. I could get a tent online I’m sure, or else I could build something myself. Would be an interesting project, but I’d have to source all the stuff.

Idealllly, an all in one ready to put together solution that catered to two plants at most would be sufficient. I don’t care about yields to be honest, if I had two plants going whatever they gave would last me a good while!

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Have you checked out some of the online hydro stores like HTG Supply? Many offer indoor grow kits. Usually hydro oriented tho.

You say that now but once those buds appear we all want to be from Texas, where everything is bigger. :wink:

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I’m not sure about the kits, but if you find a particular one you like take a screenshot and post it. I’m sure you’ll get a little feedback. From the ones I’ve seen in the past, you pay a premium to get one that has a good balance of equipment. Some will have good fan but shitty light, or some combination like that.

There are a lot of diy’ers here. We’re building lights, hydro systems, aero cloners, grow boxes, and so on. So you can get lots of help if you choose to go that way. Probably better than paying import taxes in most cases.

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You may be right mate! I Gotta start small though, I don’t even know where it’ll go yet. It will do just fine for me! Only reason I say two plants is so I can grow two strains and try out different stuff hahaha. I’m quite new to the whole cannabis thing too… been afraid of it all my life, then I realized that it’s all bs, like many other things we’re taught.

Edit: removed link :slight_smile: was a tent on eBay.

What would this do for me you think?
It’s as tall as me, so that’s probably ok too, not fussed about that, smaller maybe better but whatever it’s workable.

I like the thought of building but I know little about ventilation and carbon filtering and what not, one of these to start with would be a good learning experience.

Can you delete that link and post a screenshot please. I don’t believe eBay links are allowed here, just amazon. Honest mistake I’m sure, but I don’t believe it will be an issue if you can remove it.

Done mate, sorry it just seemed logical cause it had all the info there. Not used to rules here I get scared even browsing here lol :frowning:


I wouldn’t be worried about browsing, it’s a good community. They just have site sponsors and such, so they want to promote them over competitors. If you think there is an issue, just screenshot and post that. It’s safe, and allowed.

Awesome man, thanks heaps. Happy to be here!!

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