Indoor Box Grow (2nd Grow)


So 3 days, no pruning, and no feeding; whatcha think? You think it needs a feeding yet? Should I top some more? Any advice? Lol

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It looks good n healthy to me :+1:t3: Feed if you feel it needs it.


Nice mainlining! If you haven’t fed yet, it’s time to start.


Awesome sauce. I’ll feed it now! Thanks guys!


So I made my nutrients according to chart. 16ml Grow, 10ml Micro, and 5ml of Bloom.
ph is like 6.8 which im gonna fix, but PPMs are 1,520? Does that seem high? Or is that fine? Still getting used to this PPM stuff.


Feeds dark. Lol but pHed to 6.09. PPMs read 1,520. God I hope that okay. Lol gonna go feed now and I’ll let y’all know what the runoff came out to be.


1520 is a little high, you could dilute it with some more water. Let’s see what your runoff is.


I agree you’re probably about time to feed and feel you coy be a little lower too.


pH OUT: 6.81
PPM OUT: 2,050

PPMs dropped another 100 compared to my 3 days ago just water feeding.
Designed an easier way for me to get runoff. Lol broken table+gravity. Lol


Your PPM is very high for such a small plant. Keep an eye out for burnt tips. If you start to see a lot of burn, you’ll have to do a flush to get those numbers down.


I use a tote and a grill rack and just let them drain into a big tub. This way you can just grab acup and collect what you need as its running out the bottom. Then just take tote out and dump outdoors


Will do, @raustin!


Decided to feed.
pH OUT: 6.81
PPM OUT: 2,050

PPMs are slowly droppping. Fed with week 2 nutrients instead of my normal amount. Also tops are finally coming out and growth seems to have resumed finally lol. Did SLIGHT pruning and got some more light in the center.

UPDATE lol PPMs are exact same as last feeding…damnit.


Monday I flipped my lights.
So day 5 of 12/12
Fed today.
6.52 pH out. So I got my ph down finally but my PPMs were 3,240 coming out. She’s got a bit of burnt tips on the new growth but thats it. She seems to be eaten it I guess. Lol


So…unfortunately I think this grow has come to an end. I believe these are seed pods if I remember correctly from my very first attempt at growing. I dunno…but I’m pretty sure. LOL
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You mean pollen sacks i think? Kinda looks like it, when did you first notice them? Have any pics that aren’t zoomed in as much?






Definitely a male. Lol


Yeah, I’m sorry, you’ve got a male plant.