Indoor Box Grow (2nd Grow)


Lol, I’m sorry but I had too. Lol yes! I am back! Just threw a seed into a paper towel 2 days ago, last night I pop it into some dirt.

Seed: Bag Seed
Lighting: 8 CFLs For about 184 true watts
Medium: Natures Organic MG(same as last grow)
Pretty much all the same as last grow but different seed. Lol

Let’s hope this grow is as successful as last grow!


Im sure youll be fine brother welcome back


August 10, 2018
Day 4 of Germination

So the second day in dirt and it pops. Makes me think it’s a male for how fast it’s grow…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only time will tell. I won’t be using nutrients till flower so there’s no waste.

Here’s a photo of the little fella.


August 11, 2018
Day 5 Germination

We have development of the first 2 point leaves. If my memory is right, first set is 1 point, second set is 2 point, third set is 3 point and then we should be in Vegetation by then. Still hoping for a female but only time will tell. Here’s a pretty close up of today.