Indoor Box Grow (2nd Grow)

Lol, I’m sorry but I had too. Lol yes! I am back! Just threw a seed into a paper towel 2 days ago, last night I pop it into some dirt.

Seed: Bag Seed
Lighting: 8 CFLs For about 184 true watts
Medium: Natures Organic MG(same as last grow)
Pretty much all the same as last grow but different seed. Lol

Let’s hope this grow is as successful as last grow!


Im sure youll be fine brother welcome back


August 10, 2018
Day 4 of Germination

So the second day in dirt and it pops. Makes me think it’s a male for how fast it’s grow…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only time will tell. I won’t be using nutrients till flower so there’s no waste.

Here’s a photo of the little fella.


August 11, 2018
Day 5 Germination

We have development of the first 2 point leaves. If my memory is right, first set is 1 point, second set is 2 point, third set is 3 point and then we should be in Vegetation by then. Still hoping for a female but only time will tell. Here’s a pretty close up of today.


September 2, 2018
Day 10 of Veg

FIMed(hopefully) at 4th node and still haven’t gave any nutes.


Septemeber 4, 2018
Day 7 of Veg(Growth of first official 3 pointed leaf)

@Hogmaster @dbrn32 @raustin @anon95385719 @Budbrother and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone else that was helping. Raustin and Justgrowin, y’all were here for my first grow. So I just figured I’d let y’all in on the excitement. Lol BUT. ANYWAY

IT CAME IN! IT CAME IN! Super excited.
Here are pictures of the physical LED and how I have got it set up. IF THERE IS ANYTHING I’m doing wrong or have it set up wrong, PLEASE tell me and help me correct it. Lol according to the sheet of paper I got with it, it’s supposed to be 52-68cm from top of canapy in Veg. I have it set at 55cm.


Temp was at 77 degrees when I opened it with the CFLs still in. Set it all up like this and shut the box all the way and it was 79 degrees. She’s lookin a little droopy. I just watered her so hopefully that’ll help.
I also spotted this? My water going in is like mid-high 6.5. And coming out is like 6.5 on the dot. So it can’t be my PH. I’m not giving her any nutrients either as she still has her feeders.


Congrats on the new light and the new grow. The first pic of the leaf looks like it could be the beginning of a calcium deficiency, but I wouldn’t worry about it yet. Just keep an eye on it and see if it spreads.


You’re not worried about light leaks at top of your box?


I mean. Yeah. Lol just working with that i got. I’m in an apartments. Can’t just put a giant hook in my ceiling and hang the light. That’s why I said, if y’all have any ideas or suggestions I’d take them. @dbrn32

I mean I got light leakage just with the door sense I’ve can’t shut it all the way. LOL

Well. Top leaks are out. Lol at least better than it was. Lmao. I’ll close the box 100% and see how the temp goes. Which should eliminate all major light leaks.

Changed it up abit. Realized the LED has its own cooling system in it and it can’t work unless it’s in the box. So it’s in there’s now lol

I didn’t mean about the light coming out sorry. I meant from outside light getting in. Once your plant starts flowering it will need uninterrupted dark period. Light getting in during dark period will keep it from flowering and/or cause it to herm.

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I know. Lol i have one grow under my belt. This box has served me well. I have a blanket I cover the box up with during the 12/hr sleep. @dbrn32


Copy that, just making sure you had plan in place

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Septemeber 7th, 2018
Day 10 Veg

So. I decided I’m going to do a mainline like my first grow. I’m also deciding if I want to leave them in 3gal pots or not. I’m looking into a 2/2/4ft grow tent which will double the height I’m working with now. $40-$50 on Amazon. Not too bad. But then I gotta find a real exhaust and carbon filter. But I think I can slide for now.
I also impulsively dropped a Haze seed and it recently popped as a celebratory for the new LED. I WAS NOT THINKING. lol anyway. I’ve got 2 plants now. :man_shrugging:t2: Ones on day 20 and ones on day 1. I’m sure I’ll flower them at the same time unless I get this grow tent this weekend like I’m planning. But I can’t go back. These are both seeds from good. Bagseeds but good bagseeds lol.

The leafs are kinda jagged and rough and it’s wilted a bit but I’m thinking it’s time for a feeding. I’ve got half a gallon of regular PHed water and then I’m gonna start feeding. Hopefully should pop it back up.

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Septemeber 11th, 2018
Day 14 Veg

It’s not doing too good. I’m pretty sure I’m over water so I haven’t watered dense yesterday morning. But here’s a picture update.

I am also for some reason getting new growth where the feeders are now dying? At the way bottom.

@raustin @anon95385719 @Hogmaster @dbrn32 @Budbrother @
Just a check up question. Y’all think it’s doing okay? Seems like it’s kinda small ? I figured the LED would speed it up. Lol

This was day 26 on my last grow…?

If you’ve been over watering could be cause of slow growth. Maybe that led fixture doesn’t quite have the par levels it was advertised as?