Indoor Beginner

Planted 2 white widow in my medium in my 4x4 grow tent with my grow light 600 hps however I am using a mh 400w . How far should I have my grow light so it will break ground? I have grow light 24inches and my temp is 81 and humidity is 51%. Any help is soooo welcome

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I’m not sure but put your hand over the pot and as long as it isn’t too warm it might be ok. I usually sprout under a somewhat less intense light like a t5 @tdaddy54

Thanks bob31

Once your seedling breaks through you are going to want to keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t try it with your light. A 400w is pretty intense for a seeding. It might make sense to raise the light up to more like 36" to start with just to be safe.
Once it breaks through the soil keep an eye on it to see if it starts stretching if it does lower the light.
I use a T5 fixture for my seedlings as you can have it closer to the plant without issues and it is more cost effective. Once it gets big enough I’ll switch over to my 600w MH.

I would just hate for it to pop through the soil while you aren’t home and have you come home to a fried plant.

Oh very good point thanks so much

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Anytime @tdaddy54. If you have any questions throughout your grow don’t hesitate to ask. Always happy to help👍