Indoor begginer lights and stress help?

im a new grower this is my 1styear growing indoors i had one last year outdoors 4plants 1pound now im currently growing 4 plants under a 300watt led and 125watt florescent idk how far i should have my lights from my plants for the best results they whir on a 18/6 light cycle i resent y switched them to a 20/4 for faster growth but i know when doing this root growth is slowed down because of root growing while plants sleeps is this a bad idea? and iv been cutting fan leaves off so light can get into tight areas dose this slow down veg growth or stress the plant out

See this link for my ideas on LED light height:

As far as 18/6 or 20/4 or even lights on 24 hours a day all the time during vegetative growth, this is a highly debatable and contested subject. I say do what ever works best for you. As a new grower I’d stick with just one, pick one and stick with it, probably the 18/6 as that is what most people use. As a new grower you need to remove as many variables as possible to keep things simple so you can learn. Get a few consistent grows under your belt before trying to do a lot of advanced and experimental stuff like toying with light cycles. The same can be said of removing a lot of fan leaves. When and how many can or should be removed is also a highly debatable subject. Removing most leaves in general, especially during vegetative growth will likely slow growth as these are the solar panels and nutrient factories for the plants.

There is not debate that roots grow faster at 18/6, as opposed to any higher lights on photo period. 14/10 produces the strongest root production. Personally; I err on the side of root production; Without which you have a smaller yield. :slight_smile: