Indoor based week 11 flower is this normal

So I quit giving nutes week 10 now my big fan leave going yellow all my small leaver are fine but the stems on the big fan leaves are starting to turn purple and become brittle is this normal after stopping nutes

20190419_081904 20190419_081908

That’s normal. End of life, eating up nutrients that are stored in plant

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Ok I was worried but at this rate there going start breaking off will the bud still mature without the big fan leaves and thanks for your answer

I trimmed all my big fan leaves weeks ago. In your pictures, the fan leaves with the visible stems, cut them bitches off where you can get more light on your buds. We’re growing buds, not leaves

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Ok sweet I like cutting shit

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Ones like this need to go

I took 3

You cut 3 leaves off?

I went back in cut all the ones with exposed stems getting way more light down to buds

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7 total



Looks like you still have a lot of white pistols. Could feed another time or two

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So I’m looking at it and I put the reflective stuff up and got new growth with new white hairalot of them actually so I looked at my feeding schedule and last week was flush week anyways so I gave them another batch of nutes but what I’m seeing now after reading all day is its foxtailing in the good way I have come to the decision I’m in no hurry I want some couch lock so will let it go until its red but how long b4 harvest should I flush and what’s the proper way to flush @HornHead @Grandaddy013

20190419_161232 20190419_161236


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

The longer you let it go it will do a lot of bulking up looks awesome :sunglasses: few more weeks and you will be good

@Hogmaster dose it look like its foxtailing is that normal growth

I don’t see anything I would worry about in a few weeks they will fatten up good

Are you in soil or hydro?