Indoor Autoflower Dwc, first time dwc AND Autoflower grower

Hey everyone me again lol, so i got most of my next project set up and almost ready to go lining up with my veg tents week 4 stage ( going for monthly harvest) , this grow ill be using my 3 lights on a hand welded rail system i made to support one plant 2 mars hydro 600’s and 1 mars hydro 1500, a 16;gal mr stacky dwc bucket originally part of a 4 bucket plus res system,( but im starting at a single and working my way up), using hydroton and a 4" grodan cube with my rapid rooter plug in the center of that i have a floraflex top feed line ill use until my roots hit the res water, im running dutch masters full aqua commercial line , with their zone to go with " sterile method", the room is climate controlled and humidity controlled its also already integrated with a co2 enrichment system , im still a complete newb when it comes to full hydro though so any advice would be appreciated,y main question is the following.

  1. how does topping off the res work when adding nutes?
  2. i was going to start off by using just a basic clonex solution with an 1)8 strength sillica addative
  3. res changes? just basically what and how lol
    4 with Autoflower i know I use less nutes , but how do i schedule my grow and bloom strengths? just looking at the plants growth?
    Sorry im sure most of you these sound rediculous for a guy who already has the system but pls any advice is appreciated