@MBgrower info for ya


I drill the stems anywhere from 4-10 days prior to harvest :v:


@raustin @dbrn32 @Justgrowin @MattyBear @Momtomask @Mrcrabs @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 Question and pics CP3 is doin great but question is on my calendar i forgot to mark the actual flowering day but I do have a date written I had prepistols growing, today she’s 72 days old from popping any way to estimate when budding might’ve started?maybe 2-3 week from poppin? Things already took off.on the pack it says flowering time 70-80 days


She’s wicked crystallized, sticky, and stinky and furry so I really don’t know


I honestly don’t follow breeder timelines. I always go by what I see. I’d say you’re still a few weeks out IMO


Thanks for the opinion @MattyBear I’m thinkin around the same need to use my loupe n check em out


I’m with @MattyBear on that @livefast, it’s looking great, these last few weeks its starts to swell up, worth the wait.


Yeah she’s been a great plant to grow no trouble and it’s loaded with buds growing everywhere in person. I’m def riding out @Mrcrabs and @MattyBear around 2 weeks I’m hoping, I’ll post a pic tomorrow magnified thanks everyone :call_me_hand:


Yup, once your pistils start receding start monitoring trichs and harvest based on their condition. Having notes is great, but harvesting on calendar timeline is about the worst thing you can do.


So go by how the plants goin, pretty much don’t pay mind to their times, makes sense @dbrn32 thanks


Their times are estimates, and will vary based on your specific conditions, phenotypes, and probably a lot of other things too.


@dbrn32 Awesome :tada: :grin: I honestly think this is going to be a great yield and quality, between CP3 and diesel. Thinkin they look like there gonna :tada: right around the exact week, I snuck a little picker bud from each of em :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just took these magnified pics of CP3 @dbrn32 @MattyBear @raustin @Rayofsunshine @Justgrowin @MBgrower @merlin44 @Mrcrabs @Budbrother


Looks like this baby still has a few… dang :see_no_evil::snail:


What’s everyone think about CP3 and Deez being close to each other like progression wise?


yeah a few weeks i just found out i have a huge mildew problem in my normal garden that is why my cuccumbers died so i pulled all of those and sprayed my tomatoes with neem oil and see how it goes


Ya looks like a week to 10 days to me. Maybe even 2 weeks.


She’s still got plenty of time, at least a week.


Hey Budbrother, have you had any problems with rust on blueberry Cbd? I run my 03 machine almost every day and have fought rust since the beginning. My widow, gorilla glue, or critical purple isn’t affected.


:wave: Welcome to the forum. I’m not sure I understand you. Please rephrase the question.

  • Also if you could take photos without the blurple light, it would make problems easier to see and diagnose.