Alright back on track, these are a couple of buds from Lita while she’s curing
@Screwauger @elheffe702 @raustin @Momtomask @merlin44 @Covertgrower @SmoknGranny @Happy_Pappy @MBgrower @BIGE

stuff smells n tastes wicked good, relaxing good mood pretty potent… I like it :upside_down_face::hugs:


Hello all, here’s CP3 this mornin

got lst and ph’d water today @raustin @Screwauger @dbrn32 @Zombo @Covertgrower @SmoknGranny @MBgrower @Momtomask @merlin44 @budbrother


Are you still using the roleadro lights?


Yep @HornHead still have the same 2 doin me good so far, someone on here said amazon had a buy1 get1 the other week


I was gonna tell you that Amazon had a deal for a 630w cmh light for $200


Cool good lookin man @HornHead no play cash at all this month. Appreciate it though :v:


Lst’d CP3 and tried makin a couple knuckle spots just for the sake of tryin lol @raustin @dbrn32 @Bogleg @Momtomask @MattyBear @MBgrower @Justgrowin @Screwauger @SmoknGranny


Hey quick question @dbrn32 I think I might’ve seen one at Best Buy or target the other day but question is do they make a simple plug n go rechargeable battery for this fan hookup?


U will b glad u did. Watch the buds on the sites u supercropped compared to the ones u didn’t.


I’m not sure, haven’t seen one. But I’m almost positive you could piece it together from an electronics supply. Are those wired in parallel and still 12v? I would assume they are, in which case you could use just about any 12v source, and just find a harness to adapt.


Yep parallel 12v dc fans. Sorry to keep botherin ya I just have a box of different little fans in a box seein if I could put em to use. And they say”brushless” 12v whatever brushless means


What @dbrn32 said. I made my own 5v and 12v power supplies for some Arduino sensors - I just used an old USB power cord for the 5v one and an old 12v phone power cord for the 12v one. Snip snip, solder and shrink wrap. Easy peasy. :slight_smile:


@Bogleg and @dbrn32 think you told me how to do this too


What’s purpose of fans? Wouldn’t exactly be cheap, but I bet you could find a solar panel to run them.



Could my grow lights power a little solar panel to keep my wifi humidity and temperature sensor powered? That would free up a much needed outlet…


@dbrn32 Was just gonna use em in the tent to stir up more air to certain spots


I’m sure they could. And by sure, I mean your lights will excite the solar cell. I’m not exactly sure how well, haven’t messed with it that much.


Hmm… I wonder if you could use small solar panels to somehow measure the amount of light being produced.


That’s a wicked good idea @Bogleg :call_me_hand:


Somethin to look in to