Indoor 2 outdoor transition

So I have experience growing indoors, but now that Virginia allows 4 plants, I want to do an outdoor grow. Our Spring has had a lot of nights dropping into the 40s°F. So I have kept seedlings and clone indoors, matching the light schedule to the outdoor sunrise, sunset. It looks like nights have finally worked there way into the high 50s°F (only a couple hours, then back to the 60s, days mid 70s°). So I moved them outside this morning. I have them setup to get direct sunlight from 9:30 to 12:30, and indirect the rest of the day. Just wondering how many hours of direct sunlight I can increase daily? Don’t want to shock them to much.
Seedlings are Moby Dick strain, and clone is Strawberry Pancakes (it was a gift, not something I would have picked. But it was nice to get me to 4 plants. 2 seeds didn’t germination)

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12:30 transition to shade.

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As mild as the sun is here this time of year, maybe what youre doing for another few days. Then let the girls hang out full sun!