Indicas Growth Cycle

Am I correct that an indica will still continue its veg growth a few weeks into flowering? Is there a general guideline for, say, the percent increase in foliage after pulling the trigger on flowering?

I’m trying to balance when to switch to flowering and manage my canopy so it doesn’t have bare spots, yet not end up with an out-of-control jungle.

All plants go through a “stretch period” when switching to flowering. Depending on the strain, it varies. Lighting conditions come into play as well. Best guideline I can give you is when you think they’re large enough, just flip them.


As covertgrower said, all marijuana “stretches” right after you flip to 12/12 and continues right up until buds begin. Some strains will double in height, some grow just a few inches. I’d flip to 12/12 before they’re almost where you want them.

Are you growing in a scrog, sog, or just au natural?

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I’m growing SCROG. Will be, that is.

Lots of things can cause a stretch, lighting, heat, genetics, and of course switching to flower.
I take it your talking specifically about the switch to flower though.
So yes plants will stretch in the 2 to maybe 3 weeks after the flip, indicas will stretch but not as much as sativas (they really stretch).
But you can prepare for it if your worried and it’s not to hard here is how:

  1. Take the total amount of vertical (height) growing space you have in inches/cm.
  2. Take the total from #1, and subtract the height of your lights when it’s at its highest point.
  3. Next, subtract the height of the pot/container your plant will be in.
  4. Finally, subtract the amount of space you’ll need between your light and your plants.
  5. This varies depending on the lights; CFLs only need about 4", HIDs need 12+".
  6. When your plants height reaches half of the number you’re left with, initiate flowering!

Now that being said if your are scroging the general idea is to fill your net 75%, it will depend on strain due to genetics determine stretch alot Durring flip.