Indicanja Soil Start-to-Finish?

First Timer here. For background: Northern Lights Auto, 4x4x7High tent, 1200W LED light, 3 Gal. Fabric Pots, links to lighting and ventilation below. Planning on starting 3 plants on 4-20 (hopefully two go well) running light 18-6, and if everything works starting 2 more a few weeks before initial harvest.

Soil is a big concern. I ordered IndiCanja organic soil (from Amazon) that claims to support growth from seed to harvest. Does anyone have experience with this. I have read that when using organic soil, you should not have to worry about feeding or PH manipulation (plan to monitor PH and leave alone unless it goes funcky). I know from reading up that shit moves fast with autos, so I want to be prepared. Should I plan to add nutes and adjust PH, or use the soil and just add water and light? Of course any little tips are welcome, but figured I could answer most on my own by searching the forum. Didn’t see anything on this particular soil though. Sorry if this is a duplicate of something - and thanks in advance!

Edited to include link to soil:


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You will have to check with someone like @garrigan62 or @Skydiver on your soil. They know a lot more about soil building and organics. I just wanted to say hello and suggest your light is pretty small for a 4x4. Plenty enough to get you going, but you’ll want significantly more for flowering.


That soil looks pretty good.

I did email them with some questions and once I hear back I will post things that I’ve found out


Would doubling it up and adding another of the same light be sufficient?

Nice. Thank you. I’m interested to see your questions so I know where to focus my soil evaluation in this context.

Probably more like 4 of them total. But you would be spending enough money to justify looking at getting better light altogether.

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What are your thoughts on the HLG 100V2 from Horticulture Lighting Group. Specs say can flower 2x2 and veg 3x3. Is this enough power for 4 autos 2x2 spaced 35 days apart so that 2 are flowing at any given time on rotation?

It’s enough to flower one 2’x2’ area. If you had 4 plants small enough to fit in that space it would do fine.

I want to make sure that I am following so I don’t screw this up. Here is what I think I understand:

  1. One of these lights is better than comparable price burple amazon lights (even though stated power is lower - will get par from this one)?
  2. If needed I can add another of these lights to solve any lighting deficiencies?

Am I incorrect on either of those?

Finally, last question for the day. If I am flowing 2 autos under this light in the 2x2, is there enough residual light around the edges to start vegging two more until the center is harvested, then move the vegging to the center for the flower stage and put two more round the outside to start? Or is that plan just going to require two of these lights no matter what?

Probably. I can say it’s better than a lot of them, just not every single light out there.

Sure you could. But at the point of having $300 invested there are likely better options.

HLG 225 enough bang for the $300? It is not available on Amazon, but from the manufacture directly. Also from some other outlets a little cheaper or with free shipping, but not sure about rules on non-amazon, non-manufacturer links:

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It’s enough, but if you’re gonna spend $300 on that you may as well spend the $350 or whatever it is on the 260 kit. Light emitting surface on the 225 kit is only about the size of a softball, and its considerably less efficient than 260 kit.


Chickened out on the kit and got the 225. (A) I am starting with autos for simplicity of process, (B) I’ve never built a light and didn’t plan on learning that part on first grow, © I’m getting antsy to start, and (D) I already quadrupled my light spend from the cheapo Amazon burple to the 225.

If and when I switch to photos, I think I may use the 225 and the 4x4 for the veg tent – seems right on for that – and revisit for the flower light/tent. Thanks for the input. Prolly saved me some bucks and disappointment along the way. Preciatchya.

All of that being said . . . I could not find any reviews of the 225 on here. I will be sure to diary the grow and let you be the judge of its performance under the subpar conditions I am sure to provide.

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I spoke with Robert from Purple Cow Organics about some questions I had using this soil.
It is made to run from seed to harvest.
It can be used by itself with no other soil mix and it’s recommended when running photos to use a 7 gallon pot which is how they are sold in 1cuft bags. The veg time is 4-6 weeks before light change to 12/12 and will have enough nutrients in there to finish the grow.
Watering with RO water there is no need to adjust PH. If using tap or well water you’ll want adjust the PH to between 6-7 ph. Depending on what lights your using you may need to add additional Calcium and magnesium due to using high intensity light fixtures.
He mentioned BioActive and veg supercharger products they make for using to add to soil after harvest to re amend it for another grow.

Hope this helps


Aside from the heat and energy consumption, how does this set-up compare. I have been focused on blending efficiency, economy, heat, and effectiveness, thus LED for the long run. Based on the low initial investment and the fact that I am in a cool basement with good ventilation in and outside of the tent, how would the results compare here between the 225 and this HPS. Just curious. Already ordered the HLG.

A 1000 watt hps light will outgrow an hlg 225 no problem.

When you started looking at the 225 you were talking about a 2x2’ grow tent right? Growing with open floor space is totally different situation. The hlg225 is still a more efficient light. But to balance equipment efficiency with cost efficiency is a different story too.

Tent is a 4x4. I don’t plan on cramming it full. My (perhaps overambitious?) goal is a rotating perpetual harvest starting two autos every 4 weeks. Thought is that this will keep total space usage in the tent to roughly the 3x3 space that this light will effectively flower. I don’t have a huge budget, so initial expense plays a part. The main reason I focused on LED despite the higher initial cost is the long-run electric cost of running a pretty long light cycle (either 18/6 or 20/4) basically forever - if I am rotating new plants in every 4 weeks. Does this plan set the 225 up for failure or myself up for disappointment?

I was operating on the assumption that I would harvest autos at about 90 days. If I start with 2, add 2 at day 30, add 2 more at day 60 I would have a total of 6 plants (2 seedlings, 2 in veg, and 2 in flower). Then the intent was to add 2 more seedlings every time a harvest comes out, so 2 at day 90 or later, when the original 2 are harvest, and repeat on a 2-in 2-out basis from there. Am I undershooting start to finish calendar?

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I screwed up my schedule. Let me redo it.

Month Seeds down Harvest Tent Total
1 2 2
2 2 4
3 2 2 4
4 2 2 4
5 2 2 4
6 2 2 4
7 2 2 4
8 2 2 4
9 2 2 4
10 2 2 4
11 2 2 4
12 2 2 4
13 2 2 4
14 2 2 4
15 2 2 4
16 2 2 4
17 2 2 4
18 2 2 4
19 2 2 4
20 2 2 4
21 2 2 4
22 2 2 4
23 2 2 4
24 2 2 4
25 2 2 4
26 2 2 4
27 2 2 4
28 2 2 4

That is the table in my mind. But if you add the two original plants at D-day (0 on the chart), the right column increases to 6. @dbrn32, @FlxerPower’s chart as adjusted as noted here illustrates the plan for the 225.