Indica Scrog. How to set up?

The Recipe of Success is a nutrient line that comes from TechnaFlora line I believe , but real easy to follow and great smoke .

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Oh and back to my root question. With ScrOg growing, do you guide stems or with they naturally spread along the screen?

You guide them by keeping growing breaches laying down beneath the screen to spread out .

Aslong as the screen is kept high enough they spread out along the wire?

Right that’s what you want it to grow like a ivory vine .

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I see. Thankyou!!

I clone mostly from flowering mother plants. I mix up a gal of water with one tsp root simulator one tsp super thrive and two tsp of hydrogen peroxide the P. H the solution to 63 6.5 then I place my cuttings in the solution until I’m read i then takey. I use rockwool cubes one inch by one inch.
I then take the powder stimulate and put ?some in the rockwool hole then with razor blade is cut my clone on a 45 degrees dip it in the stimulate an place in the rookwool.
Then place them in a dome.
I always get )100%



Hopefully I’ll clone one day soon and I’ll definitely be asking for your expertise do my friend , to me you are the clone master .

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I read that cloning from a flowering mother is not ideal. The 12/12 lighting of a flowering plant is diffrent to the around 18/6 for clones (i believe that is the normal lighting for clones) and it gives it a “mixed message” or something?? But how do you pick which mother plant you want if you do not allow it to reach flowering To see if it has the ideal traits you want? So i see the many benigits of cloning from a flowering plant. Love to hear your opinion on that kinda matter @garrigan62


I would be very happy too. Were ever you read about cloning isn’t true.
I cloned five generations so I do believe I know what I’m talking about.
I always had 20 plants to choose from 20 plants well into flower its quite easy to choose which ones to clip for clones. And the next time around I was cloning from clones and it became even Easter to choose my clones?. And this went on five times
My findings were…it keeps getting better the plant growth, the yield and best of all the potency of the weed.
My clones were always on 12/12 never used 18/6. 18/6 is used mostly for autoplants.
I hope this helps you out.if you need more infor. Feel to ask

B Safe

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12/12 for clones? I assumed that’d force it into an early Flower and a weaker vegging stage?? If i leave a plant on 18/6 for the entirety of its life, does mean It would never leave the vegging stage? I.e. I could keep it souly for cloning?