Indica Or Sativa

Ok I have been growing Indica WWp and my next grow will be Sativa Maui wowie I’m just wondering what the difference in the plants will be. My WW’s are like 15” tall and and 20” across and I’m having trouble with light penetration to the lower branches. Will I have the same problem with the Sativa?

There are so many variables in growing a plant that it is next to impossible to state categorically what you should expect. In general sativas are taller with more slender leaves than an indicas. But variations in genetics, lighting, temps, could make your next plant taller, shorter, fatter or thinner.
If your having trouble with light penetration do a forum search on “Side Lighting” and see how others have added low cost side tights to supplement main lights.
As stated tho…you should expect a sativa to be taller. Cant predict how dense the foliage will be.


What are you using for lights?

You could try growing in a scrog.

@Oldsoldier1976 has a mowie

In my veg tent I have a phlizon 600 watt from the wall it’s 108 watt and in the flower tent I have 4) qb132 running a Meanwell 240-1750a driver