Hi guys ,
Planted this lady from a baggy seed. Does anyone has thoughts on if it’s Sative or Indica?
Or is there no way to tell?
Cheers :+1:

I’d say Indica or Hybrid. Sativas generally have long narrow leaves.


thanks Dex

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I agree with dex2020 this is one of mine and it also is from a baggie seed and looks very similar i got 3 growing total and all seem to be either indica strains or hybrid notice how the leaves are similar to the ones on ur plant IMG_20200706_140828|375x500


Yeah okay I see it same but a little different. nice little plant you got going

how old is that , mines just under 3 weeks

It’s actually like 2-3 weeks older then urs it’s suffered a injury early but i got it to turn around and make a recovery cuz i almost lost it and another plant they both turned out fine i had them growing in a window at the beginning but recently got a L.e.d light cuz they seemed a little stretched out and the blue light I’m using now will help keep them short the light can be switched from blue to red to both i use blue mostly right now but red promotes flowering so when it’s time I’ll use red for budding i like to use both I’ll rotate between blue and both colors at the same time just to broaden the spectrum of light it’s getting

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It’s still early. She’ll show her true nature later in veg. This was a 100% sativa at 3 weeks old and it looks like a hybrid. She grew out of that.


Pretty cool how big those leaves get, nice an healthy :smiley:

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Pure Sativa

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Nice, is that Afghan a pure landrace strain?

Yes, they both are. Afghans are from Balkh province and the sativa is a Johaar from the Himalayas.

So apart from seeding never been tampered with? Thats pretty amazing, wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some old seeds like that. How olds that strain?

They look really healthy btw

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Ancient! If youbwant access to these strains and many many more… check out The Real Seed Company better known as RSC. The owner lives in the UK and gathers seed from farmers all over Asia, Africa China, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, laos and Im sure Im missing places. This is all authentic material. Be advised, many strains are long flowering varieties, like you WILL need 9 months or longer to grow some of this dope. You WILL need some chops to max them out. You will need to accept the fact that these are traditional strains and are NOT guaranteed to grow killer weed. Thisbis lottery pot with a gajillion different phenotypes, and you , the grower, are taking a risk that 9 months are spent potentially growing marginal herb. But! If you hit the jackpot it will be astounding! Make no mistake about it, some of this ganja is incredible.

Have you hit the jackpot so to speak? Ive spoken to a lot of people here and most think a lot of the strains and names are marketing bullshit. Mostly giving you the same high. Thats why I was wondering about landrace.

Having said that I’m currently, well just started growing Gold leaf and Blue dream.

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Oh yes! For sure! A few duds but Ive had many amazing pure breeds! Oh yeah! Ive had some outstanding Oaxacan highland, now extinct to my knowledge. Some Columbian that was dynamite! Ive grown original Afghan Hashplant that was killer! Its fun to grow herb and Im willing to grow a few pounds of compost to get 1 pound of amazing herb.