Indica of ruderalis

My indoor plant is 2 foot tall and realy bushy theres some 3 point leafs and some 5 point leafs and the leafs are fat not skinny so i know its not sativa and also sativa isnt bushy but i hear ruderalis plant are junk and it just started flowering about a week ago can some one ezplain to me what type of plant i have

If you are growing from unknown seeds or were given clones of unknown parentage, you may never know. Especially street weed seeds, a lot of this is grown by peasant farmers in northern Mexico that just throw their seeds randomly and let grow without ever removing the males. I have grown enough bag seed over the years to notice, although once upon a time all marijuana from mexico was entirely sativa, this is certainly not the case with what is going on in the wild wild west of northern Mexico. I had a friend growing up, he was the child of a migrant farm worker and was not a US citizen, what legally might be called an illegal alien. He would send special seeds he might stumble upon in California and send them back to his cousins where the’d grow them in their fields with their other weed. Right down the road might be another family doing almost the same thing, none of them pull the males and it would almost be useless to do so as the field down the road would pollinate your crop if the wind blew right. With all the hybrid introduction from stray KB and medical seeds from California, a random seed from bag weed could very well have any mixture of Sativa or Indica, and maybe even a bit of ruderalis. You won’t be able to identify the percentage just by the way the plant grows or the shape of the leaves, but if it smokes good who cares.

Damn that sucks so the people who worked hard not to pollenate there crop it still gets pollenated so realy its almost imposible to have 100% of indica,sativa or ruderalis?

Only when coming from low grade street weed. If you want to go find good landrace , nearly pure strains, you still can find them. But the higher end local grown weed is not the stuff that is usually smuggled to be sold cheap on the USA streets.

If i take good care and give the plant the righ nutrients n not pollenate it could it turn out bettdr than th mother plant

Snd one more question my booster should be coming soon will it harm my plants if i start it on the booster a few weeks in on the flowering stage

Yes if it is grown seedless and grown in better conditions, it will likely be a bit better than the mother plant, or at the very least just as good. You can add new nutrients almost anytime in a grow, as long as you aren’t over fertilizing.

i just put in my order for the booster and im sending my payment by mail and i did everything it told me to do has any one done it like this and is there any risk

No, ILGM is always very discrete.