Indica and sativa

Yes and depends. :grinning:

Naturally, however, they do grow in different environmental conditions from each other, as well as having a vastly different growth patterns. Training is the reason you haven’t seen those differences.

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Hey SB,
I got three full Sativas growing and getting this dark patch, and sometime spots.
Here’s pix. Any ideas?

Once they get that dark stuff, they turn yellow and wilt away.
No nutes, Happy Frog (Humbolt) soil, a little Happy Frog Soil Conditioner, and spring water
ph’d to 6.56. I did put a tad of CalMag and Silica boost in the water about a month ago to strengthen them up. If it was the CalMag and Silica I figure it would have manifested sooner.
Pix are from this morning. Four QB 100’s at three feet.

From the pics soil looks reeeeeeal wet. And shitcan that hf amendments. That stuff is prolly burning shit out of your plants. I looked at using it when i couldnt findbregular happy frog soil. My grower said its garbage, to use OF if i couldnt wait

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OF? What’s that? If the soil looked wet, it’s because I had just watered.

Ocean Forrest soil that fox farm makes.

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Don’t know why but the only grow supply place around here only sells Happy Frog by Fox Farm.

I was reading a few folks comments on other threads and some folks like to do a combo of happy frog and OF because you basically have a solid source of nutrients. I personally can’t speak to it but from other folks photos it does seem to work out well.

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HF is the best i know og. Ocean forest is just a bit hot for me and seems to have more production issues. My water comment was an observation, overwatering is an issue for alot of people.

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I can attest to overwatering plants. I accidentally drowned a Girl Scout cookies plant.

I really like HF. It’s pretty awesome. I have some ghost peppers I’m growing inside as well and it loves that soil.

OF just seems like a bad idea jeans for a beginner. I could see someone adding too many nutes on accident. My grow shop was saying that if you use OF you should be set with the nutrients that come with it. They talked me out of buying it. Glad I did.

Oh ya Man. I have had fungus gnats a few times from over watering. tough to get rid of.
Way more careful with the water now. I almost wait till they wilt a little to water them.
They are looking a little better.