Indica and a Sativa buddn up together

I’m watching a 10 week old Delicious Blackberry/INDICA flower with a 3rd season Sativa in the same tent. The transition has gone hands down to the BB. Am just seeing pistols out of the sativa now and small nuggets have already developed on the BB.Have just started 3rd week of pistils on the BB…

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Yea. Sativas are generally grown closer to the equator thus have longer average growing seasons. Thus their genetics pass on longer flowering times. Nice observation tho :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Think it could be time to trim the BB. Not as easy as I thought it was gonna be.

this is the BB …11 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS OLD.

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Your Ladies look really healthy…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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Cheers. Is only 1st go at it.

Yea trimming pruning and cleaning her up is usually a painstaking adventure for me. And i havent grown these monster bushes everyone else is sprouting. Just clean up the huge leaves blocking budsites and maybe a bit near the bottom. Very lightly. To allow better airflow underneath her. If thats not a problem. Let her grow. She looks good

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Ok. Was nearly gonna leave it to grow. But I see the benefit to pruning in all plants. Be mad not to I think. Has been grown under fluoros and with a couple little leds. I’m looking at 5 colas. Happy to nurture them thru.

She is 21 inches tall. That’s it.

Take a full photo if you can. N she looks doggone fine to me. Just a glance or two. 5 big bud sites. Probably have 10 more smaller ones hidden down there. Just :eyes:

Yeah sweet.def more bud sites. I’ve seen them. Will show you. Not sure how long this will take to be ready? I know what to look for just haven’t seen it properly.

Breeders say 10-12 week flower. U vegged a solid 7-8. So ur looking at around 10 to complete. 7 more to go… so early October should be your target. N thats off breeder times. But u want fast bud. Or alotta bud? :joy:

Not to mention the BB is the solid strong grower. You should take 3-4 clones. And grow her out to her full potential. Even if it takes an extra week or two

Ted up for full potential. No rush. Want all we can get. Have jakahera and a kronic seed each to try too. This plant is drink heaps now. 1.5 inch drop in 3 days. Just today I topped it up