Indiana grow, finding a Site & Protecting it

So I live not far from Chicago in Indiana, USA. My father and I live on 150+ acres of land, and I ordered seeds from here earlier this week and will be growing this Season, unbeknownst to my father/family.

I have several grow locations in mind, and plan to grow 20-35 plants (mostly autos). I want to build a small greenhouse for the autos, then just outdoor grow the Cali Dream I’ll be ordering. How could I hide my grow/s and greenhouse from flyovers?

The site for the greenhouse is far away, with great water, 8+ hours of light a day, but with thorn trees around it protecting from Western winds & add a little cover in the afternoon. I don’t want to limit the sun intake…But don’t need my babies being found.

Also, the location is in a tree line on the edge of a former corn field (has been turned into tall grassland 2 years ago) could I use soil from the field for my potted autos? And just add some peat moss, worm castings, and perlite? I don’t have much money right now, spent it all on seeds :sweat_smile:.

Any tips and hints appreciated! Thanks!

He is an outdoor grower from the sunshine state. But I’ll bet he can help @FloridaSon


I’m an indoor medical grower, but may still have a tip or 2 for you :slight_smile:

I’d stagger your plants with lots of space; God doesn’t build in straight lines. The idea is to look like a natural plant. Leave “0” trash, and take different paths into the area. Try to keep all the vegetation in the area intact. Pee in the area, a lot. No joke, hungry animals don’t like the scent. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar deer cams. I’d be posting 6in “purple” stripes on your trees around the property, between 3-5 feet, to keep the hiker/hunter out.


Purple stripes means stay out??? :confused:


Basically, yes. Red paint may help as well. This could be paint or ribbons.

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Some good advice! In these parts it’s usually orange that means stay away. And I’m considering predator urine to scare off any of the woodland critters. Luckily I live in a big hunting area of the states so it’s very easy to get my hands on it


Can’t go wrong with human scent and pee. Go to local barber shops an ask if you can have the Hari clippings and human pee will generally scare everythin off


Welcome! I have to agree with Dumme on how you space your plants. No regularity in placement is important for those flyovers.

Only clear enough space for each plant at each location. Planting at a tree line, make sure you get good Southern exposure for when Fall comes and the angle of light changes. I don’t mind filtered light during the peak of Summer, but I like as much Sun as possible in the later part of the season.

Dog Fennel and Futaba(sp?) Trees provide a similar heat signature for me down here, but I don’t know if you have those. Perhaps some young Maples would work as camo, but you’ll lose that in the Autumn change. After the leaves change your girls will pop with all that green.

If you amend the ground the way you have described, it should be fine for use as a medium. I would feed with nutes as needed. Make sure you get the soil at each site properly pH’d before placement.

On top of your other planned pest deterrent, I recommend placing a cage of rabbit or chicken wire over the young plants until they’re big enough to survive the topping that wildlife tends to do. Urine and hair will help, but won’t keep everything away at all times.

I know outdoor down here, but nothing about guerrilla grows. I’m stupid, I guess, but my growing has always been done in formal protest. Plus, I only allow family at my house. They know how I am, so no issues.

I hear Indiana has great soil, so it sounds like a green light for your grow…

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Soil is great here, just perfect for growing pretty much everything! And I wouldn’t say I’m guerilla growing, since it is my family land, just trying to keep it hidden and stuff. Have previous charges from when I was younger, don’t need a prison sentence :joy:.

25 to 30 plants seems like a lot to keep hidden in 150 acers. I used to have a hunting lease and it was 160. Does anyone frequent the land or anything like that? Good luck with the guerrilla grow though

So here are some pics of a grow site I’m considering, please let me know what you guys think:

The site as seen from the slope of a southward facing hill. You can see the creek, which does flood once in a while, so that’s the only problem I foresee. I’m building a large cold frame for my babies, so if I use this site maybe that would protect them from rising waters?

A better view of the creek & side of the creek I’m thinking of growing on (the slope). It’s very difficult to reach this area, but it’s close enough to regularly check on & can’t be seen from anywhere unless your right on top of it.

Fresh water year round! Never seen this creek dry up in my life!

Example of the soil by the creek. Good looking? I have access to all kinds of natural soil though, & will be planting mostly in pots (mostly autos, gonna get 10 fens to plant elsewhere)

The trees & opening above the site, looking east. If this is a good enough site, I can easily take down some of those smaller trees and get some more light.
Whaddya guys think?

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I know about not wanting to do time. Been there. Done that. Didn’t enjoy myself.

I called it guerrilla because you’re trying to keep it hidden from the man. I’m sure you understand that they declared war on you as soon as you decided to grow. War on Drugs is an actual declaration of war.

You may not pick up arms, but you are engaging in guerrilla warfare…

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No one frequents the property except during the hunting season. And by using a greenhouse (more like a cold box) hidden on the property I’m hoping to plant sooner and harvest before the hunting season. And I ordered 23 autos and will be ordering 5 Strawberry Kush and 5 AK-47s to actually plant scattered on the property

Oh ok brother. Good luck brother

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And the soil pic got messed up apparently. Here’s the soil that is around the creek area:

Soil around her is amazing. Especially once I mix in nutes and stuff

The sooner you can get morning light, the better. If you can take a few trees without drawing attention from the air (“What’s this guy up to cutting trees out here?”), then take them.

The creek is beautiful and you’re fortunate to have on your property! Since you say it floods sometimes, I suggest you plant above flood level. A common problem in the swamps. High and dry when planted and then when it floods you have to walk a mile in waders, hoping the whole way that your spot was high enough! Stressful!!!

I’m a little confused about the orientation of that picture from the slope. We’re you facing North when you took it, or were you facing South?

If you were facing North, I like that treeline. If you were facing South, I would find something similar behind you.

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In the second picture I was facing north west. In the first pic I was facing south, and in the pic showing the sky above, I was facing east. It goods pretty good sun, and grass is growing all in that area as you can see (which I’ve heard is a good sign that you can grow there).
As for the flooding, it’s really circumstantial. That’s about the best spot I could find cause the small hill slopes down from the north and down to the creek, and anything higher up is too wooded with not enough sunlight. During the summer it’s not as swampy, mostly in the spring. The locations is so hard to get to if you don’t know the exact way to go, and the opening is surrounded by thorn bushes.

I actually have 2 creeks running through the property and a large river on the southern border. It’s really prime pot growing land, but I gotta be discreet haha

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Are you planning on putting a greenhouse in the field in the pictures? Wouldn’t a brand new building out in the middle of the field in the middle of nothin dream a little attention from the air if that is an issue? I’m just gettin an idea of everythin, growin outdoors is a dream of mine haha

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It’s not really a field, it’s surprising really, like a small woodland clearing, but gets good sunlight and water. Here’s a pic of the lower half of my property (river is not shown, but on the southern extreme, my house isn’t shown but it’s in the northern half)

The GREEN is the property line. No houses anywhere near the southern half. The BLUE represents the 2 creeks & the creek next to the site. The RED is the approximate site shown in the pictures. The pic is set so the top is north, so you can figure out where the sun is coming from and stuff

If you want to keep them deep in the woods, from your red mark to my arrow looks good if it’s all like you showed. If you want more exposure, somewhere under the treeline at the other two arrows would be nice to scout.

I don’t see anything wrong with the site you have chosen, from the pictures I have seen. The only part of the plan that concerns me was already stated. A structure in an out of the way place draws attention.

You know life around there better than we do. We work with what we’re given in life…