Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


Seems way more reasonable than putting a piece of tape over it lol. Probably exact same steps I would take.


I figured my luck, in time, the humidity would cause the tape to loosen just enough for some light to leak out and reflect of the Mylar. Then again, I have really bad luck!


Hahahaha sounds like my kinda luck. N LED wire u say? Science project this evening!!!


Shit, I thought you were talking about glow from heating element lol. If it’s just a notification light, ditch it or cover it.


Yea i meant heating element. Dammit guess u cant unplug that light :joy::joy::joy:


Heating element is definitely a different story.


Looks like they will be gettin ambient heat :joy::joy::joy:


DAY 57 FLOWER DAY 16- Watered the girls today. Last night heater test pushed up to today. Got down to 43F last night so im setting up the heater to hopefully keep temps up in the upper 50s low 60s.


Can you maybe turn a metal trash can or the like over to put over the heater? It is electric right? Just something solid to block light but still has thermal conduction.


there isnt really any visible light emitted from the heater. its a ceramic filament and the coils are recessed in the housing so it doesnt glow.


DAY 58 FLOWER DAY 17- The heater worked! Woke up first light and the GH temps were 57F.


Lookin happy n healthy is that GH. :clap:t5::clap:t5:


I’m guessing you don’t have an energy meter hooked up, but curious if you know how much power was consumed to keep the temperatures reasonable overnight?


its a 1500W heater so 12hrs x 1500W= 18kW hours per night. I have solar so most of the power is consumed under tier 1 so we can average that @ 0.15 kW/hr which is about $2.70 per night to heat. Monthly cost is approximately $81.00 if I run it every night for 12 hours.


That 1500W is at full output, though. I’m assuming it is thermostatically controlled; yes? If so, it likely cycled. When I had my similar heater in my tent in the shed last winter, it would cycle on and off. I used just under 20kWh per day for heat + light + ventilation.


yes it does have a thermostat but i have ran it full power and under that load it is only able to keep the tent about 10-20 degrees higher than ambient so it basically runs full time.


Gotcha. I suppose those greenhouses aren’t the most insulated things. :wink:


yeah it conducts a lot of heat out and the bottom of the GH walls allow air to flow in unless I sand bagged around the entire GH.


Its a blast of warm humid air when I take off the cover to the door in the morning tho so i know its a beneficial environment. We’ve really had pretty ideal indian summer weather in SoCal except for the fires up north of course. Mild sunny days with highs in the upper 70s and nights with lows to low 40s.


I don’t know how much you care about efficiency, but there are a few things you could do to help. First, you can double wall the greenhouse, which may or may not be a good idea. And as you say, sandbag. Also, the oil filled heaters are more efficient and also cycle less since they are radiating the heat. They don’t dry the air out as much, either. And finally, you could go with a portable heat pump. Those are not cheap (~$400), but the COP on them is usually up around 3x. So you’ll make that back in energy costs quickly, and also have the option of reversing it for air conditioning in the warm months.

Just some thoughts.

I am still trying to figure out what to do for a winter grow, or whether to skip it. We have been down near freezing each night and up to the 60s during the day; some of that might be due to the thick smoke cover. But our winters up here in NorCal are pretty typically in the 30s/low 40s at night and 50s/low 60s during the day. Heat definitely required.