Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


I definitely think this is correct. Lower angle of light means less insolation, plus add in much shorter daylight hours… same reason my outdoor Jack Herer is not terribly fat. But hey, we’re growing in November, right? Beggars can’t be choosers. :wink:


Rock on Bro :metal:


wish mine were are far along as yours is but I should be finishing up this grow around winter solstice.


DAY 53 FLOWER DAY 12- Watered the girls today. Starting to pick up momentum. We are set to have nice mild days and nights 80 in the day and upper 40s at night.


DAY 55 FLOWER DAY 14- Foliar fed the girls today. Nice mild temps in the upper 70s day and lower 50s nights.


Looking real happy. That’s some autumn sun node spacing from what I can tell. A little stretchy but probably desired in a greenhouse where humidity can sometimes get high. I’d guess that’ll reduce disease stress.


yeah a little too stretchy for my preference. I think its a combo of the high heat we had a couple weeks back along with the 20% shade cloth on the tent. Some phenos show more stretch than others. The two plants i have indoor do not show any stretch.


Eh, the sun’s limited and indirect at this time. It’s still free energy, and I bet you still get a decent yield and quality flower. I wouldn’t sweat the spacing too much.


I don’t think you’re gonna run out a weed so I wouldn’t stress


yeah I’m not stressing lol i just want everything to always turn out the best possible scenario and a pound of larfy bud is not ideal…


There’s always the Rosin press…

I’m thinking I’m going to have to go that route eventually …


yes that is always a good default and I do enjoy dabs esp nice tasting rosin pressed with smaller micron bags but im hoping that the colas stack up


With all that medicine, can’t imagine why you haven’t yet


I hadn’t even heard of one until several weeks ago, had been out of the Mary Jane scene for over 18 years.


DAY 56 FLOWER DAY 15- Set up the heater to test the GH warming capabilities. Mid 40s at night so its not crucial yet but want to work out the bugs before its critical.


I have one of those heaters that glows red. Had to remember to face it away n still get that faint off-off red glow. :thinking::thinking: food for thought


are you suggesting that the red glow would throw off the photoperiod?


Im really not sure but i am too aftaid to test it. I noticed it the next morning before lights on n now it faces my room. @dbrn32 u think that red glow hurts?


I wouldn’t want that test it either. This is in a tent? Wondering if you couldn’t put the heater outside of space where the intake air comes in?


I chased down the cause of a hermie plant once, my first. It led to the heater light. I took mine apart and cut the damn wire to the LED. Problem solved