Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


Yeah the second ring of the trellis’s.


Haha duh! Sorry blonde moment


DAY 42 Flower Day 1- Nothing to report other than ILGM OG Skywalker awesomeness but partly cloudy today milder temps hit 90 deg in the GH.


DAY 43 FLOWER DAY 2- Harvested some collards for dinner. Mounded the potatoes. Some more tomatoes for late season. Cant get my jalapenos going hoping they are just taking their time to sprout. Collie weed doing great too.


You’re really trying to get me into a greenhouse, aren’t you?

I’m still picking tomatoes from the outside garden, but they’re rapidly slowing. I’ve canned about 45 quarts of sauce this year. Jalapeños aren’t setting much but they’re covered. I can’t use them at the rate they grow. I’ve made chili sauce and jalapeño jelly among other things. Sweet peppers finishing up as well. Later this week I plan to tear out a bunch of things and get ready to turn the garden over for green manure.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen much rain up here in NorCal yet. Just that one storm that bud rotted my plants. :roll_eyes:

Your semi-indoor garden looks great.


DAY 44 FLOWER DAY 3- Much needed GH re-arrangement today.


DAY 45 FLOWER DAY 4- Watered today with 3/4 strength bloom nutes. X planted some of the maters into half filled 30 gal bags. Mellow temps highs in the low 80s outside 90 deg in the GH.


You got my last like for the day. I saved it for something absolutely great!


thank you brother! I accept your compliment! I think being in touch with the earth by growing plants is really important too…


I’d like that but obviously I can’t now lmao


I just liked for you!


And im 4 likes shorter… but that GH is looking better everyday. A couple of the girls already stretchd to the 3rd ring?! N i bet that is Lucky 13 almost in full bloom @ in the top photos


yup lucky 13!


DAY 47 FLOWER DAY 6- Watered the girls with full strength bloom nutes. Removed the lighting augmentation and xplanted up some basil and swiss chard. Really hot today and yesterday. 92 on the porch and over 100 in the GH.


DAY 48 FLOWER DAY 7- Nothing added today other than sunshine. A bit less intense today.


DAY 50 FLOWERDAY 9- Watered today. Cooler temps in the 80s.


DAY 51 FLOWER DAY 10- Just photosynthesis today. I guessing that the GH OG Skywalker plants will take longer to mature than the indoor due to the partial shading from the greenhouse skin which looks like 20-30% shade. Hoping for dense colas regardless but I will probably swap it out for unshaded 3mil visqueen next grow.


Outta likes but they are starting to bloom up. Maybe the sun just isnt pushing them into full bloom yet. Give it time. Mother Nature is an OG beast


They are definitely blooming but I’m concerned with the node spacing. I’m sure these buds are not going to be as dense as the indoor just bcuz of the winter sun and partial shade cloth. Notwithstanding the trichs should be excellent so I may just process the whole harvest into Rosin with the press. Hitting fresh press Rosin is like surfing on a quasar if that makes sense???


If u just cook them til amber ull get ur couchlock. But yea. Sun stretch is real. U wont get that nuggetry u fiend for. But ull get grade A buds regardless (bud rot withstanding)