Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 33- No water today. The temps were up pretty high inside the GH around 100 deg. Pretty violent swings from night to day 50 to 100 deg bewtween night and day. The gals are looking like they want to start flowering. I have the light augment set to 13/11. Lets hope they still stay veg’d for a bit.


DAY 34- Watered today 3/4 strength nutes. Wow the girls are growing faster in the GH than the indoor system. Gotta love that Cali sunshine! Going to get some tomato cages for the girls 2mrw so I can train them a bit. Sprayed some neem/ castille soap this evening as I noticed some whiteflys which probably got in with the tomato plants. thinking about flipping on day 40. havent decided if i’m going to put the mendo bendo seedling in the GH or the indoor tent…


That’s a great setup :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Luke OG is one of the strains that I was looking to buy at ILGM. Definitely will be on my next order


@Elwood yeah you wont be disappointed in the ILGM genetics! They are thralping right now!


Really cool documentary!


I watched that recently to. Very good little docu to watch.


DAY 35- Perfect day for GH gowing today 85 degs a bit breezy and partly cloudy. I added some trellises today and re-arranged some of the plants. Theres that thralping ILGM genetics! I brought these tomatoes back from the dead haha.


DAY 36- Watered the girls today! Did some LST to open them up a bit so we can have some nice bushes when they flower. Planted some more maters and chili peppers for the GH as I cant cook without fresh tomatoes and jalapenos. I just need to figure out when I want to flip 12/12. Maybe in another week or so? They’ve been growing so well i dont want to slow them down. Bought a space heater and a bigger fan in case of heat or cold snap. Cheers!


Yea the node spacing and size differences between inside and out are amazing aint it man. Ive used both on the same plants for a while now. Finally all indoor. And i love it. Outside it GREAT for lst tho


DAY 38- Installed a good outdoor fan to GH to expedite airflow. its supposed to get 90 deg 2mrw here which means 100 deg in the GH. Hopefully the new fan can keep the heat down to reasonable levels. These girls are looking pretty prime for flower. I was going to hold out to flip until they all had growth to the second ring of the cages. What do ya’ll think? No later than Alls Hallows Eve till flip is my thought.


Looking awesome!


I concur. That greenhouse and you season make me jealous. :joy::joy::+1:t5::+1:t5: Nice work


DAY 39- Wow it was really hot today! like 97 on the porch thermo and 102 in the GH even with the fan. I took the runt out of the litter and donated it to help fill out the scrog grow. OMG do you see what #13 is doing?
When am I going to flip?


Here’ s #13


13 is flipping… lighting be doggone! :joy::joy: still looking good


DAY 40- Watered the girls today. Noticed some white flys buzzing around inside the GH so I sprayed some neem/ mineral oil. I dont see any noticeable damage on the leafs from them so no biggie. Yeah it was hot as hell today again. 106 in the GH with fans blowing. The yellowish leaves are result of the 3.5K augment fixture mixed with the sunset. I assure you they are green to the bone. Going to flip in 4 days or less.


That’s crazy hot for October… well for me it is lol. I haven’t had to run heat or ac in 2 weeks. This is the best time of year for me lol.


this is life for us here on the border only one season sunshine…


DAY 41- Ok well all the girls have reached the second ring so I went ahead and set the timer for 12/12. Cheers!


Now the fun begins. Do you have original height measurements?