Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 26- The heat is on! We have the SxC grow on overdrive and there is a limited amount of time befoer I have to move the gals out into the greenhouse so I want to get them as developed as possible under the 600 and 550 inside before that time. Will X plant into 5 gals 2mrw. No I’m not scrogging these. They are sitting under the net to take up empty space until they outgrow their stay lol.


I like that green house. I want one now. Keep out those moths.


Yeah its pretty cool for $150 bucks. Only thing that sucks is some of the bent tubes need more through bolts, the front zipper is worthless and the whole structure needs better stakes and sites for tie downs. I made my own modifications but the front zipper is problematic. Over all for the money its pretty great! Its 65 degress outside/ 86 deg inside the greenhouse!


You read my mind! Will you be reinforcing the greenhouse for snow? Do you anticipate any?


Can’t you attach magnets to make it a pull open entry? I’d get out my sewing machine, magnets, & a scrap of cloth or screen.

*For example


Yes, I would cement the corners in buckets and reinforce any needed areas. The weather is not bad through the summer or fall months so I’m not to worried about storms. The frickin caterpillar problem is heart sickening. Thanks.


It has snowed here before but it is very rare so I dont anticipate it. If it did snow, the modifications I made the greenhouse would be fine.


Yes I will probably have to fabricate something like that before winter. Its been pretty mild with the night temps in the mid to low 50’s. I’ll have to have something in place in another month or so.


It’s one thing I miss having moved from Texas to coastal California. Thunderstorms. We’ll see them when we drive up to the mountains, but they just don’t happen here. I used to love watching those squalls on the radar. I don’t, however, miss the hail.

Glad your greenhouse held up! That’s a great test.


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: no thunderstorms? I do my best sleeping in heavy rains. Can sleep on my porch :joy:. Means you have to move the girls alot around here. But they dont mind a bath every now and again


Heard thunder twice in seven years. We get intense winter storms 4-12” of rain per session, but not accompanied by thunder. Just multi-day heavy rain.


Ahhh. See that works. Get you something metal. That aluminum/tin sheet with rain pouring is a godsend


DAY 27- Watered today and x planted half of the girls to their 5gal permanent homes. They are really kickin ass no? These ILGM genetics are bitchin. Going to keep one inside with the SxC grow. I noticed that they are already root bound so I’m going to have to get the necessary modifications ready in the greenhouse. Looking to cut a window in the back to increase airflow as it gets too hot and humid when the sun comes out. I think Im going to epoxy magnets on the windows and doors so I can easily adjust the airflow without tying/untying the windows.


Yup, look pretty good to me!