Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


Exploding! Nice work. So out of… 11 or 13? And 10 left? How many defo females?


@PurpNGold74 Oh your referring to the SxC grow. I started with 13 seedlings and ended up with 5 definite females. This grow is ILGM fem OG Skywalker so all ten are females unless something upsets them and produces a hermie but I dont see that happening! Edit: ILGM genetics have shined golden with 10 out of 10 beans sprouted and produced!


Excellent… cue Mr Burns meme




DAY 23- Picking up momentum! If these gals keep this growth up I’ll x plant them by the weekend! Noticing a bit of up leaf curling. To be expected with the light hardening.


Dude… this is why i keep getting confuddled. Ambitious is an understatement


I have four different environments to manage. A sprouter, a 4x4 veg tent, a 4x8 flower tent and a 15x7 greenhouse. I currently have two active grows (SxC and this one) also am drying/curing the last of the 2018 outdoor summer grow. I will post a pic of the peace chest when I have all the jars filled. I did manage to pull an ounce of kief from the last dry rub soley from trimmings.


You know, I could really use a greenhouse. How do you like yours?


i havent had a chance to fill it up yet! still new but it will extend my vegetable and medicine growing season year round…remember it only takes a little bit of augmented lighting to stave off flowering.


I grew indoors last winter but hate the wasted energy between lighting and heat. A greenhouse would solve that issue for me. I grow a lot of vegetables as well… I’m going to look around at options.

I can’t imagine how great it would smell in there during flowering.


I bought a relatively economical one that has a solid frame structure. I read that the visqueen fails after about a year but thats easy enough to replace and the reviews about cheap stakes is easy to beef up too.


Bahahaha i postd on the other before i read here. Considering the ginormous space of growing u already have…

Ignore my ideas. Just a wishful dreamer. Happy to live vicariously thru phase 2 :joy::rofl::joy:



Thanks for posting that. I really enjoyed it.


love me some soulful guitar vocals!!!


He’s playing a nice Taylor. My Taylor is “nicer,” but he’s a million times the musician I’ll ever aspire to be. So it wouldn’t matter if I had a banjo. :slight_smile:


DAY 24- Watered the girls today. Everything good!


I agree, doesn’t get much better than that. Nice work!


DAY 25- Busy day today! Jeez i feel like I’ve been saying that everyday lately. I fimmed the new growth, assembled the greenhouse, built the second DIY, and messed around with the SxC tent. All the pieces are coming together now like I planned. Stoked too bcuz I caught some hurricane Sergio swell yesterday and it was perfect barrels down here in Southtown. Enjoy!


Last night we got a pretty decent thunderstorm with wind and lightning. Pretty good test for the greenhouse. It held up great. Plants were sooo stoked warm and cozy. I wouldnt trust it to hold up in snow tho without some reinforcement…