Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 8- Made a goof re-routing my exhaust and accidently dropped the fan on the ground and knocked over a couple of seedlings. :flushed: But they appear to be ok…


DAY 9- The girls keep growing. This is the fun part when they start getting their legs under themselves and taking off. Would like to see the girls about knee high before I transplant them into 5gal smart pots. I’ll let them adjust a bit to the x plant shock before I start hardening them off. I was shooting for mid Oct but it looks like its going to be third week or so.


whats the mottles.look to the leaves? is that part of the strain?


I had just misted the leaves before the photos lol


DAY 10- I looked back on the Shromxchocolope grow journal to observe and compare the growth and I realized that I had the 550 on full blast! So the little bit of lagging is due to the lowered light intensity. No worries we’ll get these baby girls outdoors in time to bring in some delicious buds before New Years!


DAY 11- Watered the girls today. Continued to mist them with 1/3 strength foliar feed and EM-1. They look perky today no?


Looks good to me!


DAY 12- Just more photosynthesis for my gals!


They grow up so quickly :cry::cry: :joy::joy:


DAY 13- The girls are starting to catch up to the shromxchocolope juveniles. Hopefully I can get the clones sexed ASAP and start cranking up the QBs to get these gals ready for the cold outdoors…


DAY 14- OK so these gals are 8 days behind @raustin Afina. Hoping they really take to the environment and kick some serious @ss. rt now they are getting the minimum light levels and doing great. Another week or so and we’ll start increasing light output on the QB boards, x planting them into 5gal and getting them hardened off for their outdoor flowering late season harvest!


Nice indoor setup. I grow outdoors but was thinking of trying some in my shed to try something different. Curious to see how your skywalker girls come out.


They look a lot like Afina, just a tad behind. Great job!


DAY 15- Still plugging along. Pots have some moisture still in them so no need to water again yet.


DAY 16- Waiting to water till 2mrw. The gals pots are getting kinda light. Spraying girls daily with 1/2 strength foliar and EM1 and of course pH’d to 6.5.



DAY 17- I did not water today. the pots still have sufficient weight of water. misting the gals everyday with 1/2 nute and EM-1. After I finish off the outdoor stragglers I will put these gals into bigger pots and into my outdoor greenhouse.


DAY 18- Watered today for the second time. Harvested the rest of the outdoor so I’m ready to set up the outdoor greenhouse. As soon as I can I will x plant these into 5gal and along with the verified girls from my shromxchocolope grow crank up the 600 and 550 for a couple weeks before I start hardening them off for the outdoor life…


DAY 20- I was able to get the males out of the grow tent so that left enough space to move the gals over into the other 4x4 side of the tent all by themselves. I raised the 550 up a couple inches and raised the dimming 10%. I will look to x plant them into their 5 gal forever homes in the next few days and continue to ramp up the light intensity and veg them out to the max. I’m pulling the stops and getting these gals ready to harden off for moving out to the greenhouse. Yesterday was my early goal to have them outside but I revised that to third week of October.


DAY 22- Can you see the growth since yesterday? Getting these gals prepped on the launch pad for take off! Drinking a lot of water rt now. Thinking I will water them 2mrw and possibly x plant into 5gals the day after or so…