Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


yes its really impressive and a testament to ILGM genetics that I had 10 beans, 10 sprouts and two days to 1gal pots.


I’m tempted to do a bubblegum auto grow starting now but I think we’ll see rain and cold too soon. Could always move indoors though…


could erect a small greenhouse to weather the frosty mornings and rain…


Agreed @hangthebanksters. First time growing their white widow, I’m excited.

@nostril I can move them into a shed if needed. I’m hoping they finish mid to late November and they stay outside the whole time.


My goal is to harvest before new years :crossed_fingers:t2:


Nice, good luck.


It would give them approximately 6 weeks of veg and 8 weeks of flower :hugs:


Maybe I’ll drop a seed before my trip and throw drip on it. Random hope… :smile:


Why not!?!


DAY 3- I know the girls would have developed more if I had kept them in the sprouter but I do see progress today. I’ve been misting them every two hours or so. 10 ILGM seeds 10 girls sprouted and ready to impress. Excited to see how they ILGM seeds stack up against my SHROMXChocolope cross at least until its time for them to go outside…


DAY 5- Had company over so was not able to post yesterday and havent been able to give the tender loving attention normally reserved for my girls. Still nothing but misting with EM1 and pH’d water. Anyhoo back on track now. Showing some progess no?


They look perfect. Your all over it


Im 5 days late but as said :point_up:t5: Im basically stalking everyone. Good luck n nice lookin baby girls so far


I want to watch too awesome 10 for 10 like to hear that


DAY 6- Photosynthesis day. Just misting with pH’d water and EM1 still. Looks like the girls are starting to stack up the third node



If I were you I’d be putting more soil up around your seedlings for more support …just my opion


@garrigan65 Thanks for the advice! I’ll make sure to bury them some more.


Good deal… they’ll thank you for it…lol


DAY 7- Followed @garrigan65 tip and mounded up the soil around the elongated stems. Watered first time today with pH only. Baby girls love the cozy snuggling from the mounded soil. All my grows are living soil with effective micro-organism. Just so much easier in my opinion… Cheers!


Oh ya that’s much better and you can tell that the plants are love’n it