Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 84 FLOWER DAY 44- watered today and added unsulphured blackstrap molassas. Checked the trichs on lucky#13 and they are mostly cloudy. I’ll give her another week before harvest. ILGM OG Skywalkers are going to take 2-3 more weeks.


One word…



looking delicious!



DAY 85 FLOWER DAY 45- Cloudy today but colors are starting to develop on the other gals.


Awesome! Someday I want to have a little green house like that. Looking great! :deciduous_tree::+1:


yeah its been pretty cool. I did have to do some modifications to make it work but for less than $200 a great deal!


oh my gosh. That is a way way more reasonable price then I was expecting. Congratulations it looks like you did an awesome job. The proof is in the pudding. The girls look happy and very well taken care of in that Greenhouse. Keep up the good work!


Harbor Freight has an inexpensive green house too. Just too cold for me to use in MA.


See some cupping of the leaves. Is this normal or is this some deficieny? I have some of this going on with my Grean Leaf runt but not sure if it’s just a phenotype characteristic.


just the strain. the GH has a 20-30% shade skin. if anything i need much more light intensity


DAY 87 FLOWER DAY 47- Watered the girls with RO water and blackstrap unsulphered molasses with EM-1. Nice warm sunny day in SoCal today 90 deg measured in the GH.


Which one this?

A real beauty, well grown!


one of the feminized ILGM OG Skywalkers. Some of the phenos are expressing a lot of coloration. She sure is purdy huh :heart_eyes:


I’m growing a Skywalker OG in the Spring, thanks!


you wont be disappointed! FYI some of the phenos arent showing purples hardly at all tho. About half are expressing to one degree or another…


DAY 97 FLOWER DAY 57- Getting stanky in the GH. UNfortunately i found some issues with the tomatoes sharing the space. Found some PM and Russet mites so I had to cull the Romas and sprayed Neem + DE on the new girls in the tent. Didnt see any evidence of mites on the OG Skywalkers. Either way I wouldnt do anything about at this point but I do want to nip this in the bud :joy: for the next gen. Planning on taking these girls down on Jan2.


Yay baby! thumb
Mighty fine! Mighty fine!!


thanks brother! I’ll probably be taking these gals down sooner than I planned as well


DAY 102 FLOWER DAY 62- Harvested three more of the gals today. Left three more in the GH to mature a bit more. Keeping a keen eye for bud rot. This strain is pretty hearty and mold resistant. I’ve got to give ILGM kudos for this excellent strain.