Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 78 FLOWER 37- Watered the girls yesterday. Starting to see some nice purple developing on some of the girls.


DAY 79 FLOWER DAY 39- We had a couple days of regional storms. The winds were pretty severe but the GH stood tall! Now a nice clear sunny day after the storms. These girls are getting ridiculously stanky. In the morning when I open the door the smell almost knocks me on my ass seriously!


Beautiful ladies :+1:


That GH is bad ass :muscle:
I just got some Skywalker so wanting a smoke report lol!


Looking amazing, I’m growing a Skywalker OG in the Spring…


Those colors on that one… :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: n where is lucky 13? U got her tagged anywhere?


Here is lucky #13 i’m going to start the flush today. She flowered a bit earlier than the Skywalker gals.


#13 looks sooo different in the GH than in the tent.


DAY 80 FLOWER DAY 40- Selective watering today. Colas are starting to to need extra support. Purple coloration on a few of the OG SKywalkers starting to predominate.


If I ever get put out im applying for residence in that GH