Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


Now I just need to figure out an adequate light deprivation system for the next grow and I can do a winter- spring grow.


thanks for the advice. I think that at this time its not necessary to even have a GH heater as the night time lows are still well above freezing and even if I ran the heater every night my energy costs will still pencil out with the added off season production cycle. I have it set up just in case there is an early cold snap as I am at the base of a 7,000 ft mountain range weather can change quickly.


DAY 59 FLOWER DAY 18- Watered the girls today and re-arranged some more of the other plants in the GH. Cheers!


giphy looking great!


DAY 62 FLOWER DAY 21- Watered the girls today. Pretty consistently needing water ever other day. Nice and mild temps 80 deg high with 52 deg lows inside the GH with the nightime heater.


Awesome grow brother :facepunch:


DAY 64 FLOWER DAY 23- Watered the girls today. Getting stinky in the GH…


The girls look great!


DAY 71 FLOWER DAY 30- Had some nice warm sunny weather for the past few days. Starting to see some brown pistils too.


Looking good! What’s the temp usually this time of year? We’re into our bipolar season. Freezing one day almost 70 degrees the next. Lol


it varies a lot. We have pretty warm weather for the most part 70-80 degrees and low 40s at night outside. But because we are at the foothills we can get frosts quite a bit.


DAY 74 FLOWER DAY 33- Had some rain in the basin over the past few days. Weary of the high humidity in the GH. Looks like the progress is slower in the GH then in the tent which is to be expected with the shorter photoperiod and colder overnight temps.


Looking freaking outstanding!


thanks man! its getting pretty stank in the GH lately!


DAY 75 Flower Day 34- Had to do some re-arranging after finding some aphids on the greens went ahead and harvested all the Russian Kale and Collard greens. Nice cool sunny day in socal today. Ladies happy to soak up some photons after having several days of clouds and rain. Lows now are dipping into the upper 30s at night. Still keeping 54 deg lows in the GH!


Looking great as always!


DAY 76 FLOWER DAY 35- Made some changes to the GH. Had to up-plant the girls in veg into 5gal smart pots and after that I couldnt fit them all in the 4x4 so we got two more girls added to the GH.


Not gonna harden em off? Just straight outdoors? Id figure a couple hours early n late would help… but ur tight for space (all dat effing weed everywhere!)


They look pretty happy to me! The GH is the sheit.


Well dang. Ignore me and do yo thang. :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: :joy::rofl::joy: