Indian Summer Grow with Luke OG Skywalker


DAY 1- Cracked the ILGM OG Skywalker beans yesterday and plopped them into the supersprouter. Well wouldnt you know it 7 of the 10 have popped up to say hello already! Welcome to the planet, welcome to existence, everyones here. Everyones watching you now. Everyone waits for you now. What happens next? What happens next? Dare you to move. Dare you lift yourself of the floor. Like today never happened before…





Please tag anyone who wants to Dare her to move!


I’m watching. Good luck with the grow!


I’m tagging along too, good luck with them!


I’m in :eyes:


Yar, matey!


I’m in too :crazy_face:


I’m happy to follow the skywalker.


The worst thing about these grow logs is they make me want to drop beans so badly.


thats inspiration lets do it!


You literally tagged everyone I can think of, besides @DoobieNoobie

…and I’m watching :eyes:


I already had it set to watching lol. But really I’m stalking about every thread there is lol.


And I’ll be there to with llots of info. Lmao


I’m here tag or not :sunglasses:


I’m in my :racing_car::dash: riding along with you. Let’s get it


DAY 2- All the gals sprouted! I had to do an emergency x plant with one of the girls as she was pushing herself up out of the soil. Must a been a stick or something it was pushing herself off. So i decided what the hell i’ll just x plant them all. I mist them every couple of hours anyway. Hey its too early I know but I’m trying to push the envelope and get them veg’d out in 4 or 5 weeks before I start hardening them off for the outdoor Indian summer late season action.


Where are you located @hangthebanksters?


I’m in SoCal so our growing season is darn near year long…


Nice, I’m in NorCal. Figured you might be from CA due to the Indian summer grow. Dropped a couple white widow seeds 2 weeks ago to see how it goes, I haven’t tried growing this late in the season. Seedlings look to be doing good though.