Increasing lights on time

Iam currently running lights at 13/11 , on some 9 week old autos , was wondering if I had to could i go back to 18/6. Thanks

Yeah I don’t think it matters with s as autos

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Might want to ease them back into it over a few days, but there’s no reason you can’t, that I know of. Some people run lights 24 hours a day on autos.

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And by “some people” I mean, I bring my flowering girl in at dusk and put her under lights. Then put her back out after dawn. lol Also, my old connection ran 24hrs on his autos.

I just dropped some photos for the first time, and have them in my dry room at the moment, and I have 4 autos going, I know they are not going to finish at the same time(the autos)

I go 12/12 for autos. I don’t like paying for electricity I don’t need.


I hear your on that , just think iam going to get stuck with a long running auto and I’ll be needing to move the other 3 in to my dry room where I currently have 4 new seedlings(photos) which in turn will go in the grow room where iam going to have to run 18/6. I need one more room

I run my lights on autos 24/7 and they have loved it. 1 is flowering at 6 weeks.106129619_634447497279822_6005703695128633284_n

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